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How to Create a Good-looking Facebook Cover Photo



Facebook Cover

Have you reviewed your facebook cover and your profiles in Social Networks from mobile and PC? It’s essential! For example, more than half of users access Facebook from their mobile. If you change your Facebook cover photo on a PC, you may see it great, but then on the mobile, it looks Disproportionate.

In order to have an excellent online presence, all your profiles and pages must offer an attractive image, both on mobile and on PC or tablet. Check your profile from all devices! If you need to replace your Facebook cover photo, this tutorial will come in handy.

Let’s see how to create a Facebook cover image that looks good on all devices. In this post, it will explain how to distribute the content in the image so that it does not come out cut and we will also see some ideas to create your designs.

You will also learn some Facebook Cover Template templates resources: it will be great to have it on hand when you want to change the cover, whether it is the cover of your profile or your page.

How big is the Facebook cover image?

According to information on Facebook Help page, the pixel dimensions of the image are 820px X 312px. But on the mobile, you will see an image of 640 X 360 px.

The visible part in mobiles, which is, as we have said, 640 × 360, has to fit inside the resulting image.

It would be easier, as you know the accurate size, so you could resize the image to perfectly to show.

Do you want to customize your Facebook cover? It is a good idea to show some funny pictures. But if you Google how to make your Facebook covers, you find there are massive tools to design stunning works. Now let’s check out some tips to do your job better.

Tips for creating your Facebook Cover image:

You need to use a tool with which you can configure the exact dimensions of the photos you are going to design. If you want an option to create your Facebook cover image for free, use Canva. It allows you to use custom dimensions, its handling is straightforward and you can download the result of your work without watermarks.

But if you want to make a good cover photo with professional results, I recommend Guess why?

Not only can you set the exact dimensions of the images you create in pixels. You can also define the position of the elements of the image indicating their numerical coordinates so that perfect results are achieved. That is, you can align different elements or define the separation between them with mathematical precision. offers a gallery of funds and resources, and its editor has many features so you can customize them as you want: filters, masks, transparency …

It is effortless to use! It allows you to get excellent results in less time. For me, it is worth learning to use it thoroughly if you usually create educational content or for Social Networks. You will not need to spend too much time thanks to its excellent usability. Very soon, it will seem essential!

The free version of the tool does not allow you to download the image, only share it.

In this post, we will use DesignCap, an ultimate easy online graphic designer, as an example to show you how to make eye-catching covers for mobile and PC.

Let’s now see the tutorial step by step!

Is this the first time you work with DesignCap? Without any curve steps of learning, you will quickly get how to play this tool.

Log in to your account, click on “Get Started Now” and then you will see various dimensions template, just give a click with Facebook Cover.

And you fall directly into the editor, with your blank canvas in the center.

1 – Set the image size:

If you want to make a cover for PC, after clicking the Facebook cover template, it will set the correct size for you.

But if you want to make it for your Facebook app, you should customize the size in this page as below.

Facebook Cover

2. Customize the template or start from scratch

After land the editing canvas page, you will see 6 primary editors on the left, namely, Template, Graphics, Photo, Upload, Text, and Background. If you choose a template to customize. Then you can filter the categories to find your favorite one.

It’s way simple, click whatever elements on the flyer, and you will see the available options:

Effortless, you could make your cover changes from fonts, sizes, effects.

For graphic, photo, you are free to flip it, manage the layer, opacity, and color, or delete.

When it comes to color setting, you can unlock your creativity to achieve a good effect.

3. Save the project or download it

After these steps are done, you can download your masterpiece on your computer. For the free plan, you would enjoy fewer features than the paid plans.


DesignCap is the robust online graphics designing tool with enough options to customize designs to your liking. Though it is not as comprehensive as PhotoShop, it is an excellent tool for non-designer to use.


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