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How to Explore Nightlife in Mumbai



How to Explore Nightlife in Mumbai

Mumbai, who doesn’t like to visit Mumbai in nowadays. The city is one of the best places for all activities to blast at night times. Visiting Mumbai with friends at night time and having lots of fun is a really amazing feeling.

Here we have some of the following ways how to explore in Mumbai City.

1. Marine Drive

The first place that will blink in your mind to visit midnight in Mumbai is Marine Drive. It will be the perfect destination for a couple and a bunch of friends that they can take a long walk with romantic climatic conditions. Marine Drive is always so beautiful with its scenic location. And there you found so many vendors selling fried corn and hot tea which is really admired for its taste.

2. Going for a midnight cycling

Doing something different will always lead you to a good experience like going for cycling in the midnights to the various spots like Shivaji Park, Marine Drive is so memorable moment. Never miss a midnight cycling while you are in Mumbai night with delightful atmospheric conditions.

3. Mouth-Watering Kebabs

In the city of Mumbai, there are lots of things to taste. Kebabs at Bademiya will let you fall in love with its taste. The famous items are Mutton seekh roll and Paneer Bhurji Roll. It is the perfect spot to visit night time in Mumbai. Bademiya opens from 1 pm to 3 am and it is located at Colaba.

4. Live Music Events

Who doesn’t like to listen to music nowadays? The best thing to relax and having stress free is by listening to music. Mumbai welcomes you with so many live music spots where you can find peaceful music. In the night times, there are so many places for live music like Opera house, Hard rock cafe are the best places to explore at night time in Mumbai city.



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5. Freakout at Smaaash

One of the best place visit at night time in Mumbai. Here you can explore all types of things that you want to do. This place offers you so many gaming stations that will freak you out and makes you visit here again. Apart from gaming, it is also famous for its varieties and rich cuisines with unique tastes. It is located at Kamala mills compound, lower panel and it opens from 1 pm to 1 am.

6. Juhu Beach

Juhu beach is one of the famous destination spots to visit at night time in Mumbai. In Juhu Beach, so many films are shooted here for a long while. You can spend time at Juhu beach by watching the beautiful scenic view of sunset which cannot describe I words. Here you can taste so many varieties of street foods like Panipuri, bhelpuri, vada pav.

7. Tasty Ice-Creams at Bachelorettes

After having dinner if you want to go for a delightful place then it would be Bachelors’s. It is the best place for having a tasty ice-cream at late night in Mumbai. Here you found so many varieties of flavors that make your mouth so watery. The place Bachelors is located at Chowpatty and the timings are 10:30 am to 2 am. The place is also famous for varieties of shakes.

8. Leopold Cafe and Bar

Leopold Cafe and Bar is famously known for its various collections of beverages and tasty food. Here you can visit with your friends and families to enjoy a late-night in Mumbai. If you want to hang out with friends it is a perfect place where you can order a beer and enjoy a lot. It is located at the Colaba causeway. Some of the famous items are chocolate ecstasy, mutton keema, roast chicken is so good to taste.

9. Poison the Dance Club

Poison is one of the famous and popular dance clubs in Mumbai. Here you can found so many celebrities freaking out their holiday and having lots of fun. Here DJ plays the latest tracks of Bollywood and all latest trendy songs which will just make you move on to the floor and blast at your energy levels. It is located at poison, 206 Patlear Marg, Water field road Mumbai. It opens from 9:30 pm to 1:30 am.

10. Dinner Cruise Tour

Working all day in our busiest world we are so tired. Taking a break while going for a candlelight dinner cruise with our loved one makes it so special and memorable. At night times it will be so awesome that spending time with our partners staying apart from all dramatic situations in our daily life.



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