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How to Find Traveling Apps for Holy Tour?

Jack Kewell



How to Find Traveling Apps for Holy Tour?

Traveling around the world now coming in the top trends. Technology has a great role to boost the tourism industry to the level where it stands now. For travelers, there are now various travel applications to book their trips with much comfort. Like other travelers, Muslims do have their own protocols of traveling maybe. For example, one of my very good friends was looking for the Cheap Umrah Packages for this holiday plan.

I knew about many of the traveler’s apps on the internet so I suggested the one to her and that helps her a lot. She traveled with her family through Muslim Holy travel, the UK based traveling company and told me that she had a very smooth journey. Perfect. She found what she had to. I’m writing today for the other Muslim fellows to know about the apps which can come into their requirements.

Top Muslim Friendly Traveling Apps:

There are various traveling apps of general use. Muslims need some extra care about things related to their beliefs. For example, they eat Halal Food, so to find Halal meals, an application used for the only purpose can serve the purpose

Halal Food by Zabihah:

This is an application you can opt for the destination you are concerned about the Halal food to take. This app works in a number of countries including the USA, UAE, the UK, Canada, South Africa, and the Asia Pacific.

I remember when we were in Thailand, their people, we found were much more cooperative and loving. What we had to do is to ask for the Muslim friendly Food sights in Thailand’s Bangkok. We have eventually been redirected to the Zabihah, a very famous Halal food application. We found dozens of places therein Bangkok to have a perfect traditional Islamic food like Turkish, Iranian, Pakistani and Indian Foods. You will just have to download the application on your mobile and tell them about your whereabouts.

Halal Trips:

It is an application that works in different countries of the world. It tells you about the Halal food destination on your Holiday/ Pilgrim destination but also tells you about the cheap Umrah packages, the cheapest and comfortable airlines. If you are in-plane, the application will guide you about the Kiblah and also will help you in your prayers.

Halal trips

It will also tell you about the prayer timings according to the destination, nearby mosque and the timing of prayers. Traveling prayers are also fed in the application along with the top attractions of the place you should visit.

Quran Companion:

This is a most friendly application a TTld want if going for Umrah or Hajj Pilgrimage. This is for a special reason; travelers may also have the application in normal travel situations.

This Quran application does have various activities like the very major thing is a multimedia Quran which you can use to read the Quran in a unique way. It also has the games for your kids and puzzles for you for the good memorization of the Quran. This application is made for Muslims to help them read the Quran at home or on travel. It includes a lot of other things you will know after downloading it.

Google maps:

It is generally used by travelers for the perfect and pinpoint locations on the destination. I remember when we were in Libya, and then to Morocco, we had all of our travel on Google map. It helped us a lot and has the capability of guiding you to the pinpoint locations.

Google Maps also helps you to find the nearby meal options and the Café, coffee bars to spend a good time. You will just have o download and put your own information and requirements. The application will guide you in every way possible.

General Packing Applications:

There are applications like packing pro or Packing the list etc. to help you out packing the right things. You might have the weather updates and other information too, along with the tips to pack for the destination.

I remember when I visited Morocco, I could pack each and everything which was required by the destination by the application. So there has been a very famous opportunity for you to add the application which can guide you about the packing list and other safeties. Cheers!


It is a community you can say, an application or website is designed for an interesting purpose. For Muslims, and of course the general travelers, Couchsurfing is actually, host the foreign friends and be the guest of them someday. By logging in, you get in touch with the community members who travel all along with the world. Some of them can be traveling to your town and can be asking you to host him/her. It can be an individual or group.

This way you can also travel all along with the world and find a person who can host you in free. This is such a great opportunity. Good luck!

Jack Kewell is a writer, science editor, naturalist, entrepreneur. He is focused on writing and illustrating books. Also, he is a regular contributor to Vogatech.

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