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How to Make this Diwali Safe and Eco-Friendly?



How to Make this Diwali Safe and Eco-Friendly?

Diwali is the most important festival celebrated in India with zeal and full of enthusiasm. It is a day of victory of evil. It is celebrated in the memory of Lord Ram’s return to Ayodhya after 14 years of exile. To welcome Lord Ram, Mata Sita Ji, and Laxman Ji, folks of Ayodhya lightened up the entire  Ayodhya with diyas. That’s why it is also known as the festival of lights. People express their love to each other by exchanging Diwali gifts. Diwali comes in the month of October and November after 20 days of Dussehra. On this day, people decorate their homes with lights and other decorative items. At night they worship Goddess Luxmi and God Ganesha for prosperity and success in their life. But it’s regrettable nowadays people forget this ritual. Diwali is a festival that brings a lot of fun, excitement, joy, and happiness. But in modern-day Diwali celebrations, we have witnessed a lot of concerns; in which this festival of light is pushing us towards darkness; let us discuss a few of them.

Air pollution: People love bursting fire-crackers, for them, it’s an absolute delight, but on this auspicious day, unknowingly a lot of toxic gases and air pollutants are released in the atmosphere, due to burning of crackers.

Noise Pollution: This is the second concern, along with cookies, loudspeaker, musical instruments, etc. causes a lot of noise pollution. The Government has permitted Noise levels of 55dB in daytime and 45dB at night time, but during celebrations, it goes beyond 125dB which is extremely dangerous and can cause temporary deafness, trauma, hypertension, permanent eardrum rupture, etc.

Dry waste: After we are done with bursting crackers there is a lot of waste material which is left behind like paper, plastic and other non-degradable, and as major cities that don’t have sufficient space for dumping waste it starts polluting the soil.

Ill effect on health: During the five days celebration for people of all ages handle fireworks, which have a destructive nature and emit poisonous gasses which can have adverse effects on health like skin irritation, fever, respiratory disorders, etc. There are also many accidents that take place every year due to fireworks and some cases of deaths have also been reported in the past.

Instead of risking our health and planet, in the name of fun, let us celebrate a green, peaceful and prosperous Diwali by planting trees and helping people who are not as privileged as we are in whatever way possible. For kids, it is a festival of crackers. They are waiting for this festival very excitedly just because they burn dangerous crackers. For this, we pay a lot of money and harm our environment. In this article, we discuss how you can celebrate eco-friendly Diwali.

Ways How you can Celebrate Eco-Friendly Diwali

Go Earthy

Substitute candles and diyas with the oil are the traditional and best part of the Diwali. Lighten the entire home with lights looks very beautiful. Even at the time of Diwali electricity at high, and by using traditional Diyas, you can save power and create a beautiful environment at Diwali.

Delicious Treat

Sweets are an essential part of the festival and without Diwali sweets this festival never is complete. So, you can give your near and dear ones a delicious box of desserts along with dry fruits which is the best treatment from your side. At Diwali time, there is quite a lot of adulteration in the sweets, so you should prefer only authentic sweets. 

Green Plants

If you are looking for a unique gift for your loved ones, what could be better than gifting a plant? Kitchen herbs, feng shui plants, air-purifying plants, bonsai, terrariums make great eco-conscious gifts. Make your loved ones feel special by gifting a beautiful plant with your personal touch. So, send Diwali gifts for your friend and make them feel extremely happy.

Make Rangoli

Making a rangoli on the festival of Diwali is considered good happening. So, make at your home on this Diwali a beautiful colorful rangoli. Nowadays when you buy colors, one thing to keep in mind is that the colors which you choose must be organic over chemical ones. You can also use flowers and leaves. This is also the way to celebrate eco-friendly Diwali.

Protect your Pet Friends

During the time of Diwali festival, pets face many difficulties and feel very uncomfortable because of crackers. You can request your neighbors do not use crackers for the sake of your pets in your society. Take your pet for a walk in the day before the festival starts. 

Donate your Old Stuff to the Needy

Make sure when you organize your home in a new look you can sort out your old things which are not useful for you. You can donate these things to needy people; make sure you feel happy in your inner heart when you do it. So, making underprivileged happy is one of the best ways to celebrate Diwali.

If you live in another city and miss your dear ones, you can send Diwali gifts online with your personal touch and make your presence felt. Have a blessed and safe Diwali!

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