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8 Tips on How to Overcome Depression at the University



8 Tips on How to Overcome Depression at the University

At some point in our lives, we all have struggled with mental health or depression. But for some, this burden of depression can become really overwhelming. 

With the constant pressure of studies, social and personal life, life gets more complicated in uni. All these add up to the importance of knowing how to overcome depression at the university. 

Depression is a serious issue across many countries. University students are more susceptible to it as they often face issues with studies, finances, work, and the feeling of isolation from friends and family. 

While there’s no scope of ignoring mental health, there’s absolutely no way one should give in to depression. You can always fight and win against depression. 


How to Overcome Depression at the University

Now, there can be no hard and fast rule of combating depression. This is more like a process that you need to work on steadily. Here we’ve listed some of the points of major importance that should help one fighting overwhelming depression. 

Not only university students, but people from all walks live also should find solutions in them. Let’s begin. 

8 Tips on How to Overcome Depression at the University

You’re not alone and it’s not unusual

If you’re having trouble with your mental health, you’re not the only one struggling with the same problem. There are many people like you fighting their inner demons every single day of their lives.

Also, it’s important to understand that depression is real and it’s not something unusual. So, it’s okay to talk about depression publicly. 


Talk to someone you trust

It’s not easy. People close to you, people who you trust might not understand what you’re going through. But they can listen to you. They can listen to your thoughts, your fears. At the very least, they can be with you at times when you need them most.

Find someone you trust, you look up to. Talk to them about what you feel. Tell them about your fears. Surely, there’s someone out there who wants to listen to you.


It’s totally okay to ask for help

Mental health is as important as physical health. Whenever something is wrong with your body, you go seek help from a physician or doctor. Do the same with your mental health.

Seek help from your university health center, or from your community. There are also many online and offline platforms that provide guidance and help with these mental issues and depression. 


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Find people who feel the same demon

At your campus and society, there are more people like you who’re constantly fighting against depression. Many of them might be on the brink of giving up.

Find them and form a community together. Share your thoughts and feelings with one another. No one would understand them better than people who suffer from the same problems.


Counseling can really help

Just like the fact that depression is real, counseling can really help too. But do remember one thing, counseling is only the first step. 


Do things that make you happy

Do every little thing that makes you happy every day. Listen to your favorite music, ride a bicycle, go hiking, meet your friends at a coffee shop, decorate the home. Do whatever makes you feel good.

These are as important as your coursework and assignments. 


Celebrate every success

Never undermine yourself. Celebrate every little success that comes on to your way. Celebrating success is as important as working hard to achieve success. 

And if you haven’t managed to get the expected result from something, focus more on what you’ve learned and achieved instead of what you haven’t. 


Move on to a better lifestyle

Move on to a better lifestyle on the whole. Explore medication options and practice mindfulness in exercises. Spend more and more time in nature every now and then. Don’t forget to exercise regularly. Involve yourself in sports activities and games.

Try to strengthen your social connections by meeting new people. Improve your nutrition by eating healthy foods and maintaining a sound sleeping habit. 

And set healthy boundaries for yourself. Don’t get addicted to alcohol and drugs. Lead a better life.



As we’ve said earlier, there can be no fixed guidelines on how to overcome depression at university. But this is how you can begin with. 

And, always remember that this is a process and it will take time. Do not give in to your inner demons and don’t feel shy to open up to your loved ones. 

You’re not alone in this. Be confident at your own capabilities and never ever give up.



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