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How to Save Gif from Twitter on iPhone




The GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) has a substantial spot in the social networking platforms in the past couple of decades. Its simplicity, weight, and the capability to communicate the significance or response readily have made individuals produce and share lots of GIFs. Notably, GIFs are more prevalent on Twitter than in different programs. So every moment, we visit a GIF we respond, and if you believe you can use this in future, it is easy to save it on your phone (iPhone/iPad / Android) and PC. Within the following guide, let’s see the simplest method by which you may save GIF out of Twitter to your iPhone.

Gif is a set of frames packaged into one document/ file. GIF on twitter seems exactly the same as in a movie but using a GIF postage at the bottom left. Since Twitter transforms every GIF to a video to create twitter function quicker, this complicates the procedure for saving a GIF out of twitter to your apparatus. Thus follow the steps to conserve GIF out of Twitter.

Why We Use GIFs on Social Networking?

There is a lot to profit when you use animated GIFs for advertising your company on the internet. Below, we have outlined five reasons animated graphics would be the tremendous visual element to add on your social marketing plan.

  1. To sponsor a product or an event
  2. To rise your audience retention
  3. To display your Brand’s personality and creativity
  4. To convey a story or explain a process
  5. To involve your viewers

Ways to Save GIF from Twitter to iPhone

To save a GIF out of twitter into iPhone, we shall use the app that is called GIFwrapped.

For this app, we should follow the given steps below:

  1. Open App Store on your iPhone.
  2. Explore for and install the set up for app GIFwrapped.
  3. Tap open and start a GIF.
  4. The menu expands in the base. In which tap the share tweet Via.
  5. Now the controller center opens from the bottom, tap on copy link.
  6. Now open the GIFwrapped app.
  7. At the search tab, then paste the copied twitter link.
  8. You will see the preview of the GIF.
  9. Tap the sharing icon on the bottom left, from the options, tap on saving to the library.

That is it. This program will save all of the downloaded GIF files from the camera roll and will access to view & share when the download is finished. This program also has a photo part in it that reveals all GIF images stored on your iPhone.


I’ve been using this program for weeks, and it functions excellent each time on each apparatus. If you enjoy sharing of documents on twitter, then you have to get this program in your own iPhone. In case if you have another suggestion or way to save gif from Twitter on iPhone/iPad must share it. For further queries, you can visit us.

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