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How to Start a Blog?



How to Start a Blog?

Surely the internet and technology have opened a wide range of options for the people either to get some better money earning deal or even showcase their talent. If you have been planning for an easy guide to start making your own blog and share it with your friends just as a hobby or to earn money from it, then surely this is the right place where you have landed up. Be it a first time user or the blog reader already, before you consider starting a blog of your own, you must be clear with few thoughts that at some point in time may come to your mind.


What is a blog?

As you update the website and fit in the new content in it which gets published and read by the target audience, the content is called a blog. This can be information style and more of the conversational tuning. It focuses on grabbing the attention of the readers to create better online income while some create a blog out of their own interest.


Know why you should start Blogging

Suffice it to say being a first time user, and you may get Goosebumps as your article will go live in a few seconds, and there will be millions of people reading it. Surely, starting a blog is not as complex as you get to understand some of the best things. To launch your businesses, blogging can be a great option. If you are a writer and there are tons of ideas running in your mind, then a blog can be the best platform. You can start your blogging irrespective of the location, age, and even experience and still will be able to make a profitable online business.

Well, what you learnt up there was just some basic things. Things that shall matter to you while creating a blog are mentioned below. The steps given are not at all difficult to understand. But yes, you surely need to be clear about the fact that soon after starting a blog then there is no looking back. Here are some of the tips that you might want to know.

Steps to Start a New Blog:

The name and niche of the blog are important:

To begin with, you must see to it that you choose the right niche and name for the blog. The name for the blog shall be something that your readers will see first. It needs to be represented well. You can start with some general topics that you had been writing about or talk about your business or the job that you do otherwise. The niche of your blog has to be clear. It is the general topic area on which you will target your content the most. Suppose, travel, fashion, food, and lifestyle to name some.


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A blogging platform needs to be chosen:

This is the stage wherein you need to be careful with the blog site that you shall choose along with the management tool type that you want to use. You might want to make the blog with the help of a self-hosted setup. But before you ask yourself how you should be starting a blog, you need to be clear with two exact options. When it comes to the blogging platform, there are two options the first one is a free one, and the other one is the self-hosted one.

  • Free platform: Starting a free blog can be best for the new bloggers since platforms like Blogger and WordPress gives an excellent scope for the writers to gain confidence and showcase their talent in a better manner.
  • Paid Platform: If you have a business and want to sell your service, products, and even the music through a blog then surely it is the best option you can choose that offers a better way to maintain an e-commerce blog.


Choosing a domain name:

It is your domain name by which your profile online will be known. It does not matter what type of niche you have chosen, and you will be recognized with the name of your domain that you choose. The domain name comes with a unique address on the internet, and for this, you will be asked to pay an annual fee that can vary from $10 to $15 per domain. Those users who have been following your blog shall always reach out for more of your content by typing the domain name in the URL address bar. The highly popular domain name always ends with dot com, or at times it can even be niche specific.


Choosing a web hosting account

Once you choose the domain, your next step is to then look out for the reliable hosting service. It should be one of the crucial decisions and remember, your blog and site’s performance and functionality shall highly depend on the hosting of your blog. There are hosting companies that even offer domain registration services. The choice is entirely yours. To ensure your site is 24/7 available for the reader, it is the host that can be of great help to you since it stores your file online.


Start with your blog:

Now that you have all things ready with you, it is the first step for you to start with your blog. But before that, you need to fill up all the detailed information in the web hosting account where you shall sign in. Make sure you type your name and genre of the article carefully as people will be reading that too.  Before you start writing on your WordPress, it is important that you choose a design and layout which should be practical and eye-catching. The color that you should not be discouraging while the design must be simple enough for the reader to stay on the page and read on to the formation you provide for long.


It is time for you to start with your blog as you have got a domain name, a blog site is chosen, and a theme is ready too. While writing blog content, make sure the information you share is genuine and relatable enough for the readers to get back to you again.



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Ellen Ibbot lives in Miami and work full time as a freelance writer and editor. He has a number of websites and work for various clients in print and on the web. He is passionate about natural health, healthy eating and food, etc.

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