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How to stop hair loss with natural remedies



How to stop hair loss with natural remedies

Why does the hair fall out? How many hairs fall out a day? We answer all your questions and we give 100% natural remedies to stop hair loss.

If hair loss occurs promptly between autumn and winter. It is known as seasonal fall. And it is that the hair of the scalp has an annual cycle. Being most of the follicles in the anagen or growth phase. In the telogen or resting phase is when the hair begins to fall out.

There are also multiple reasons why we may be losing hair, so before starting any treatment we recommend going to a specialist.

How many hairs fall out a day

The hair is always in a continuous process of regeneration. Each hair lives between 2 and 6 years and goes through a series of phases, the hair life cycle. Which are growth, stagnation, and fall…

It is estimated that a person can have an average of one hundred thousand hairs. Of which he loses between 50 and 150 every day. A figure that is not always the same. Since, as we have mentioned, we suffer the ravages of seasonal fall. For this reason, it is practically impossible to accurately predict how many hairs we lose each day.

If we lose hair every day, when do we know then that we lose our hair excessively? To answer this question, we can do the following test: if more than two or three hairs come off when pulling the hair, the fall is more intense than normal.

Why the hair falls out

Several reasons can explain the reason for hair loss. The treatment or remedy to follow to stop this fall will depend on the cause that causes it.

Stress: This disorder affects certain hormones such as cortisol, responsible for hair loss. Fortunately, once these problems are solved, hair loss stops.

A poorly balanced diet: hair requires a large amount of energy and nutrients to build keratin. That is why, when we do not follow a healthy diet, the person is often prescribed vitamins to strengthen the follicle.

Age: It is another determining factor in hair loss. Aging and hereditary causes are related to hair loss depending on age. Hereditary baldness happens much more in men than in women and can start after puberty.

These are the most common causes. Others may be related to anaemia or iron deficiency problems. Excessive use of shampoo and hairdryer, hormonal changes, certain thyroid diseases, hairstyles that put tension on the hair follicles, bacterial infections of the scalp, etc.



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How to stop hair loss with natural remedies

There are several home remedies that we can put into practice for hair loss:

Green tea: it is a drink that has a large number of antioxidants. That helps the growth and strengthening of the hair. We can prepare a cup of green tea. Let cool and pour it as a tonic on the hair once we have showered. This remedy can be used about 2 times a week.

Almond oil and rosemary oil: They are also very beneficial for hair. With just a few drops of either of these two oils in hand. We can give ourselves a small massage on the scalp, without the need to rinse the hair afterwards. This massage will stimulate hair growth.

Olive oil: we just have to apply a few drops of Spanish olive oil to the hair and massage gently for 15-20 minutes every other day. The results we obtain are those of stronger and shinier hair.

White Onion: Health benefits of white onion for hair are countless especially onion juice. It is a vegetable that improves blood circulation in hair follicles. We can extract the juice from an onion, apply it to the head and leave it to act for about 30 minutes. Then we wash the hair as usual. This treatment can be repeated twice a week for three months.

Beetroot juice: it is very healthy for hair health since it contains carbohydrates, proteins, potassium, phosphorus, calcium, and vitamins B and C. We boil some beet leaves, crush them and mix them with a little henna. Once we have a paste, it is applied to the entire scalp, left to act for about 20 minutes, and rinsed with plenty of water.


Hair loss is, therefore, a process that, to a greater or lesser extent, all people can suffer. In some cases, the fall is much more serious, so you will have to go to a specialist to assess the situation.



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