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SEO: How to Stop Search Engine Optimization Spam




Before jumping to the SEO Spam Cyberattack, what it is all about? SEO is known as search engine optimization and that will make your website rank higher than all of your competitors when customers search your keywords or key phrase online. Search engines such as Google and Bing will lead through your website and its content and then exhibits the most relevant sites for whatever questions and queries of the customers are. The optimization will attract visitors directed towards your site and this increase more sales for you.

SEO Spam Cyberattack became a double-edge sword for small business and bleeds them financially and connotes a negative effect on their reputation. These attacks are popularly known as search engine poisoning (SEP) attacks and as you can infer from the name, their goal is to poison your website results on search engines. 

How this can happen?

The SEO attacks are the result of malicious code being injected into your site with foreign links and keywords. Hackers can embed these malicious links in your Metadata and insert these killer links anywhere on your site whenever they want to. Foreign links that are popularly injected is pharmaceutical ads, casino ads, and services such as write your school paper for your ads. These keywords are often tied to backlink to their preferred sites.


This spam will misguide your potential customers and destroys the reputation and integrity of your website, and true enough, it can do a lot of damage to your business. Because of the foreign keywords and links that have been embedded in the website, visitors will see all of the contradictions between what your sites actually is what they see as the keywords.

Answer: Unfortunately, they tend to lose interest in anything you are presenting.

How can you protect yourself?

Register with Google’s webmaster tools: This tool is free and very easy to use. As Google is one of the biggest search engines and will instantly optimize the web when you register with their tools, you will be notified when it detected a problem on your site and this gives you a 48-hour head start before it is flagged as compromised on Google servers. 


There are many services that will monitor your sites consistently for any suspicious events that you wouldn’t ordinarily notice on your own. This can be complementary to the google webmaster tools. 

Also, monitoring keywords is an effective way to gather all the member of the different teams involved in one activity. You can get your marketing team to monitor and evaluate traffic and keyword performance. 

The technology is ever-improving, so as the threats. You need to keep up with the trend to ensure the security of the SEO. Security is dynamic, indeed. So, you have to be open with changes to protect your business from any intruders.

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