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How would VR Work in Everyday Life



How would VR Work in Everyday Life

Virtual Reality (VR) is altering how people, as well as businesses, carry our interactions amongst each other. While many people believe that VR is only part of huge businesses, the truth is that we are employing the use of this ground-breaking technology in our daily lives as well.

The use of AR will only become more common in our day-to-day chores shortly. Following are ways in which we are already making use of VR in our daily lives:

VR Headsets

VR headsets have been around for quite some time now. The headsets have made it easy for people fascinated by VR to access it without any hurdle. Prominent companies like Microsoft and Samsung introduced headsets that operate with just the cellular devices. However, you need the Internet to operate these VR headsets.

These headsets have been popular with people from various fields, making their way to the art spaces. Hence, challenging the artists by providing them with unfamiliar canvas while also breaking away from the traditional methods of displaying art. Artists around the world are employing the use of this revolutionary technology. They are experimenting with this unique medium of art by using virtual tools.

VR Pop-Ups

VR has also become quite accessible by the use of VR kiosks. You will get to see a lot of them in shopping malls. The young adults are whom these kiosks are targeted at. Apart from that, adolescents are also the target market for these kiosks. Or we can say anyone left hanging around in the shopping mall is the perfect candidate.

VR experiences like these, aim at providing gaming experience to the users. At least that is the most common one. Users have to wear the VR goggles before they immerse themselves in a gaming experience so intriguing it seems real.

Social Media Filters

One of the most relatable examples for today’s generation is perhaps the filters on Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook. These filters are a form of entertainment for not just the kids but adults as well. Virtual elements, including flower crowns, animal ears, and tools to enhance facial features, give an individual’s face a different look.

One of the most famous filter features that Snapchat introduced was the swapping of faces. The results were always hilarious. Social media platforms continue to introduce new filters. Thus, giving people something to laugh about every other day.

Training Medical Students

VR is also becoming popular among medical students as it makes the sessions interesting. What makes the sessions interesting is the fact that students get to learn in an environment that seems real. Hence, allowing them to acquire work experience faster.

Medical students can learn how they can conduct delicate medical procedures through the VR learning experience. We all are familiar with the fact that these surgical procedures can pose a threat to a human’s life. And VR allows students to perform these procedures without putting any human being’s life in danger.

Trainees can even increase their hours of practice using VR as they are not risking anyone’s life while performing surgery through VR.



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Managing and Treating Anxiety Disorder

Anxiety creates panic amongst all those suffering from it. Often the sufferer does not know how to react or tackle the situation. Different people experience different types of sensations when they are having an episode of anxiety. While some people say they feel as if there is no ground beneath their feet, others say that they experience breathlessness.

However, the most common symptom of anxiety is breathlessness. These symptoms can be monitored. This can be of help to the sufferer. The use of apps integrated with VR will make this possible. VR will aid in monitoring the patient’s breathing patterns and offer the appropriate scenarios of escape.

Treating PTSD

Post-traumatic stress disorder is very common among the soldiers because of the traumatic situation that they had to deal with. However, this trauma is also found in the normal population. Anyone who has had a petrifying experience can go through this mental disorder. This traumatic experience can be both mental and physical. For example, people who have gone through sexual assault, road accidents or have suffered any kind of abuse can experience PTSD.

VR can be of help by treating the patients by enabling them to face their fears. This can happen if the scenario gets replayed before the patient. It helps the patient to relive in that scenario. Doctors can then analyze the patient’s condition and teat it better.

VR also aids in providing individuals with an exceptional TV watching experience. And watching it with the VR headset on makes the most amazing watching experience, Just like you are sitting in a cinema.


Rosie Harman is a tech blogger and enthusiast currently writing on AI, ML, Chatbots and technology application in business.

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