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Here’s How You Can Have the Best November Wedding



Here's How You Can Have the Best November Wedding

November is synonymous with fall and when planning for a wedding, it is best to incorporate some fall elements or some touches that are related to it. Whether you choose a wedding package in Manila or elsewhere, there are many ways for you to have the best November wedding. That being said, here are some ways you can go about doing that.

Rustic Outdoor Wedding Decor

When it comes to autumn, the outdoors are your best bet in terms of having an ideal wedding venue. Somewhere that has a good balance of trees, flowers, grass, and open air. Rustic and natural elements should be at play for a great November wedding.

If you really want to take it to the next level, add some tastefully placed pumpkins in the venue and don’t forget to incorporate a bohemian flower-covered arch that will surely be a hit for pictures. However, you can also keep it simple and just add some garlands and classy lanterns to illuminate the event space.

In terms of other natural materials and textures to incorporate in and around the venue, think of natural wood, cotton, and grass.

Showcase Seasonal Blooms

While there are many beautiful flowers that bloom all year round, it could be an acute and novel idea to showcase flowers that are in-season during November. For example, dahlias are gorgeous flowers that will look great for wedding bouquets. Deep burgundy dahlias are even more beautiful when used in contrast with fall colors such as orange, red, and grey. If you’re having a hard time looking for dahlias, then garden roses are a great alternative. Sunflowers are also a good option in terms of alternatives.

However, if you are set on going the extra mile for your wedding November dream, anemone flowers with their striking black centers are a good sophisticated choice for wedding flowers. If you want to make the flower component even more unique, add some protea flowers as an almost exotic touch to the bridal bouquet or centerpiece.


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Use an Autumn Color Palette

One novel way to make your November wedding that much more pleasant is by incorporating autumn-themed color palettes. The internet will be your friend for this one because there are so many different color combinations that can work well depending on your preferences and the general style of your wedding ceremony or reception.

While the common red, orange, and brown hues are great choices that represent the autumn warmth and foliage, you don’t have to be boxed in by those parameters. Gold, copper, and other jewel-toned color palettes are a welcome and glamorous choice. Neutral shades are also a great option.

Apply these colors to the decor or take it to the next level by asking the bridesmaids and groomsmen to color coordinate their outfits.

Serve Food in Season

Just like with flowers, certain fruits and vegetables are also in-season during November. The best part about serving food with seasonal ingredients is that you can get them for a cheaper price because they are at the peak of their supply. Extra points if you source the ingredients from local farmers and markets because it saves you time and money. It also reduces your carbon footprint because there would be no need for long-distance shipping. Lastly, it helps stimulate local economies and supports the livelihood of farmers which is always a great thing to do.

In terms of specific fruits and vegetables that are in-season during November, there are so many options to choose from including the aptly colored squash, apples, broccoli, kale, and many more. However, seasonal food tends to vary depending on location, so you should frequent your local produce markets to get a concrete idea of what is in-season.

In terms of dishes, try to be consistent in incorporating the ingredients to the entrees you plan to serve at the reception. Finally, consider decorating your cake with some of the fruits, or even giving some of these edible beauties as wedding giveaways or remembrance.

Key Takeaway

Now that you know some ways to plan and create your ultimate November dream wedding, it makes the whole ordeal that much easier. Paired with some of the best wedding packages in Manila, a memorable wedding for any and everyone involved is assured. Make sure to plan it as a couple so that you can practice your decision-making skills as a couple and so that both are satisfied with the outcome.

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