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Importance of Binary to Octal Converter in Information Technology



Importance of Binary to Octal Converter in Information Technology

Did you know the importance of Binary to Octal conversion in the field of information technology? The field of Information Technology has paved the way for some of the most stunning web tools without which, most of the everyday tasks become almost impossible for human minds to perform.

The calculations required in certain tasks are exponentially complex for human minds to perform without wasting huge amounts of time. This is where tools are needed to perform these tasks for us.

One such tool is Binary to Octal Converter, available for free on Websites like Prepostseo for user convenience. Essentially, it does what the name says. It converts code from Binary numbers to octal numbers.

Binary to Octal Converter 

As stated above, it converts binary code into octal code. Binary codes are in sequences of 0s and 1s and this format is essentially the one in which computers process information.

However, this format is extremely complex for human minds to process yet the one easily readable and executable by computers. Octal, on the other hand, is a simpler format which is both readable and easier to comprehend by the human mind.

The octal format is a number system with a base value of 8 and which can represent a byte of information in three digits thus 8 digits of a single piece of binary code can be represented in three octal digits.

This is where the Binary to Octal converter comes in. It converts code from binary format to octal format, essentially establishing a channel of interaction between man and machine.

Of course, you could, in theory, convert the code manually through a number of steps. However, the manual process would be both times consuming and exhausting when you can get your code converted from binary to octal format through binary to octal converter that converts your code in a split second.

Applications of Binary to Octal converter in IT

The usability that this tool command is unprecedented. It has diverse range of applications from the field of academia to business industry related to Information Technology.

Students belonging to the academic fields of computer science, Computer engineering, Information Technology and Mathematics have numerous uses for this tool.

Now the factor most common among these academic fields is computing. Thus, this tool can be used by students that want to complete their home assignments.

On the other hand, they can use binary to octal converter to decode data for various research-related purposes.

Apart from academia, this tool has utilities in professional fields as well. For example, Computer engineers or software engineers use number systems and Binary to Octal converter to track and remove bugs in code as well as diagnose codes for other problems.

On the other hand, it is also used for the purpose of open-source software projects and to diagnose issues in computers connected to a local network.

Moreover, Aviation services use customized computer systems with built-in Binary to Octal converter. The reason being that the aircraft transponders transmit specific codes in four octal digit numbers.

The ground radars receive these codes, the information is processed in computers in binary which is automatically converted to octal format which is then used to distinguish different aircraft on the radars.



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What is Binary Format

Binary format writes information in 0s and 1s or in other different two states system therefore, it’s called Binary. This is the language employed by computer systems to process and execute information.

Binary language is used to convert multi-digit numbers and other types of information in a sequence of 0s and 1s. This format is, therefore, also known as on and off format because the units of data encoded in binary are either in one state or the other.

A single Binary digit comprises 1 bit of information while a single piece of Binary code comprises a byte of information which means the binary digits (bits) are numbered in eights since there are 8 bits in 1 byte. Binary files usually consist of bytes that are supposed to be interpreted as something other than text characters.

It is the language in which computers process information but even small binary codes with strings equal to a decimal base 10 could be very long and difficult for a human mind to properly process.

Being digital systems, the computers process from 8, 16 and 32 bits of binary codes yet due to their complexity to the human mind, they’re both difficult to read and write and are especially prone to errors while writing code in this format.


What is Octal

Octal Numeral system is similar to the Hexadecimal system except that while a Byte of Binary code can be converted in only two Hex digits, it can be converted in 3 octal digits and value of base is 8 while in hexadecimal system, the value of base is 16.

What octal system’s Base value of 8 essentially means is that there are only 8 digit values and it requires just 3 bits to represent value of any digit.

Position of every digit has weight with a power of 8 with each position in the octal system being 8 times more significant than the previous position.

What this means is that the numeric value of an octal number is determined by multiplying each digit of the number by the value of the position in which the digit appears and then adding the products. So consequently, it is also called a positional (or weighted) number system.


Binary to Octal converter as has been discussed above has a lot of applications in various fields of Information Technology. From Academia to the software industry, this tool is in extensive use.

Binary is the format in which computer systems process information is quite difficult for the human mind to process although it’s not impossible. However, its readability for humans is extremely difficult due to repeating sequences and lengths.

Octal, on the other hand, is simpler in terms of length and readability with only three octal digits representing a binary code of 8 digits. For this reason, Binary code is extensively converted in octal format and this is why binary to octal converter is used.



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