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Marketing Strategies Tips to Improve Customer Experience



Marketing Strategies Tips to Improve Customer Experience

Are you just starting your business venture? Or wondering why your product isn’t getting the traction it deserves?

One reason could be the marketing strategy you employ. 

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to creating the ideal strategy for your product, but there are definitely a couple of key things you need to keep in mind – the main one being your customers. 

Your marketing strategy can actually make all the difference. It helps you reach the right audiences, resonate with them, improve brand recall, and of course – increase your ROI. 

In a world of intense competition, this can help you stand out. But it isn’t just about how you approach your audience, it’s about the experience you give them. This is what truly determines long-term loyalty and retention – ultimately pushing your business to success. 

So here are a couple of things to keep in mind when sketching out your strategy.


You’d think this was an obvious one, but many fledgling businesses often don’t have the basics in place. Keep your policies clear and set it to paper to ensure that everyone follows the same. 

Not doing so often causes a disconnect between customer experiences – and therefore a disconnect with the brand. After all, getting contrasting experiences from the same brand can reduce the trust a customer has in you because they never know how you will react. 

So be clear about your shipping policy, your return policies, and more.

  • Brand it All

Create a consistent brand image, whether it’s the branding, customer approach, or marketing. How your brand appears, the thoughts it evokes, and the personality it boasts have to be consistent. 

This allows people to increase their brand recall. Without this, you might notice more disengagement, as customers feel increasingly lost when it comes to your branding. 

So set out a clear tone, create transparent brand guidelines, and understand the impression you’re giving your audience. 

Marketing Strategies Tips to Improve Customer Experience

  • Keep the Customer at the Heart

What do you think is the key differentiator amongst businesses henceforth? Customer Experience!

So if your marketing strategy doesn’t have the customer at the very core of its design, you’re doing it wrong. 

Whether it is your social media presence, the way customer service approaches your clients or even the product design that you’re working on – the customer is key. 

Even with all your marketing efforts in place, make sure it’s always centered around them. And how do you do that?

Deploy surveys at key touch-points of the customer experience journey. Regularly ask questions, use polls on social media platforms, and engage with your audience so that they know you’re listening (and that you care).

By creating a closed-loop feedback system you can also reduce your detractors (and promote how well you solved problems) thereby increasing the trust customers place in your brand. 


  • Aligning the Strategies

It isn’t just about keeping the customer at the heart of your marketing efforts, but you also need to ensure that your online business strategy works in tandem with your customer experience strategy. 

That means, focusing your attention on what the customer needs the most, being flexible enough to gauge the advantages of giving the customers what they require while veering off the roadmaps and more. 

By ensuring that your business, marketing, and customer experience strategies are all on the same page, you ensure that all teams across your organization are working together towards the exact same goal. 

This is often more difficult in larger organizations with multiple teams, since each has their own goals in mind. By focusing on the customer, you help unite everyone.


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  • The Age of AI

Artificial Intelligence is reshaping the way brands market. From using chatbots to assuage customer complaints in real-time to utilizing machine learning and giving customers the most relevant recommendations based on their searches and interests.

The convenience and ease of this have the power to transform the customer experience for the better. After all, wouldn’t you want to shop with the brand that consistently gives you relevant recommendations and better options than with a brand that simply appears to be pushing other products at you?

Chatbots have also seen a significant increase in popularity since they ensure great customer service, 24×7. In fact, websites that utilize chatbots and AI have noted that customers are 49% more likely to buy from them. 


  • Measure and Improve

How do you know if your marketing strategy is making a difference for customer experience if you can’t measure it?

That’s why key survey metrics come into play. Implement NPS, CES, and CSAT surveys. Understand the change in customer perceptions, spot trends, and identify behavioral patterns.

By quantifying the experiences customers have at every touch-point, you will learn exactly what needs to be improved while also being able to discover pain-points and experience gaps that may have otherwise gone unnoticed.

Moreover, understand that keeping customer experience at the heart of everything you do is an on-going process. Just because a strategy is working doesn’t mean you can’t improve on it. So monitor the results, learn what more can be done, and keep upgrading the experiences you offer. 

Marketing Strategies Tips to Improve Customer Experience

  • Involve the Customer

You might be doing everything right, but it just isn’t enough to keep the customer at the heart of your business. You need to involve the customer. 

Shine a social spotlight on them, always remember to ask for feedback (give them a voice), engage with customers on a personal level, and be ready to go above and beyond. 

Customers that are invested in a brand are more likely to be loyal than those simply buying from you.


So planning on altering your logo? Give your customers a choice. Wondering which feature you want to add to your platform? Ask the customers!

When customers feel heard, they feel connected – and that’s what helps brands succeed amongst a sea of competition.

The best marketing strategies are such that they elevate the customer experience

So if you’re etching out the ideal marketing strategy for your brand, be sure to ask yourself if it’s serving this purpose. How does it connect with your customers? Can it add to their experience? 

The image of a brand isn’t just in its marketing, but in the experiences it creates. After all, word-of-mouth is the most reliable marketing strategy, and it’s one you need to use to your advantage. 

The biggest businesses in the world know this. 

Today, the focus has slowly shifted from being product-centric to customer-centric. So whether it’s the unparalleled customer service provided by Amazon or the seamless experiences of Apple, we are noticing a growing shift to CX. 

If you haven’t implemented a strong customer-centric approach already, we suggest you give it a try. Great CX often encourages customers to pay a premium on your brand, as opposed to approaching competitors that provide the same product at below-par experiences. So why miss out?


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