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How to Improve Your Morning Routine During Quarantine



How to Improve Your Morning Routine During Quarantine

We should teach ourselves how to find a silver lining whenever we can. Perhaps we have just started hitting the gym and preparing our summer bodies, all of a sudden, we had to quit and stay at home doing basically nothing but walking from our kitchen to the bathroom and bedroom and vice versa. But why not try and use this time to work on ourselves? This can be the time to work on our morning routine – a routine that’s quite important for our well-being and, of course, for looking your best. Perhaps we will not have the summer body of our dreams but that surely doesn’t mean that we cannot have our skin glowing. So, what can we do?

Work on our routine

First and foremost, as the term “morning routine” suggests, this is the time to become used to the small rituals that might make our day. This might be whatever you wish – working out in the morning, eating healthy breakfast, using cosmetics in the morning so that our face soaks up the vitamins. An important thing that we should mention here is dedication and consistency – train yourself to do this, especially if you tend to leave certain things unfinished.

Get used to the alarm clock

There’s one thing that we can never get used to. Isn’t it peculiar that we had our alarm clock wake us up thousands and thousands of times and we still cannot get used to it? It’s not that the pandemic will change that, but keeping those small rituals alive and well is very important. You might be working from home at this moment, but that shouldn’t be the reason for you to sleep longer as you will only make your body get used to waking up later than usual. This can easily result in your impossibility to get up at the right time when things to back to normal. You might have an hour’s advantage right now, but do not overuse it as it might come back to bite you in the behind. What you can also do is find a good mattress as it’s not a secret that a mattress affects your sleep quality.


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Hair routine

Hair might be the thing that all of us work on – we spend dollars and dollars on shampoos, conditioners, hairstylists, and whatnot, yet it seems we always have to be very careful about it. If your hair has certain issues that need working on, now’s the time to change it. One of the biggest hair problems people are facing is dandruff, so you might want to start your routine with organic dandruff shampoo to clear up this issue while you’re still in quarantine. Just imagine going back to the office and sweeping away everyone off your feet with your healthy hair.

Pray to the Holy Trinity of skincare routine

What’s the Holy Trinity of any skincare routine? Exfoliating, Hydrating, Moisturizing. This is one of those things that we always like to do when we have time, but we are often in such a rush that we simply forget our morning moisturizer. You don’t have excuses now, so it’s the perfect time to stay true to what you want and use the best cosmetics (some can even be homemade) that you can find to bring your face glow. Hydrating your skin, exfoliating a couple of days a week, and moisturizing it twice a day is the best thing you can do. If you have the option, make sure to use two moisturizers – one for the night and the other one for the day.

Healthy breakfast

When you wake up in the morning, before you hit the shower, make sure to make yourself a strong cup of coffee, pour yourself a healthy glass of juice, and make breakfast. You can literally go crazy with health for breakfast as you finally have time to eat all those vegetables and proteins at home. You might now have the option of going to the gym, but abs are made in the kitchen.


Working on your morning routines is not easy, but it’s easier when you’re quarantined. Hey, at least one thing that’s easier when locked up!



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Peter Minkoff is a lifestyle and health writer at OffTheMRKT and HighStyleLife magazine.

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