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Social Revelation: 5 Tactical Best Practices to Increase Social Presence in 2020



Social Revelation: 5 Tactical Best Practices to Increase Social Presence in 2020

Social media presence has become a big part of modern-day marketing. A large part of what we can accomplish in today’s age in terms of success comes down to one word: PERCEPTION. Whether we are an individual looking to become the next top model in NYC or a small business owner who wants to capture more market share in his town, sales and opportunities seem to be more abundant when we are perceived as important and prestigious.

This social norm has been what has allowed Social Revelation, a highly successful social media marketing agency, to capitalize on helping individuals and business owners around the globe meet their short-term and long-term goals. Social Revelation has spent the last 5 to 6 years studying social media strategies, with an extensive focus on the Instagram platform.


Here are the top 5 marketing strategies Social Revelation claims everyone should be implementing when trying to grow their brand:

1. Utilization of hashtags

Most people understand hashtags and how they work but still do not fully optimize their benefits. Instagram allows you to use 30 hashtags.

Therefore, everyone should use them. Hashtags are proven to increase engagement on posts by as much as 35%!

One technique you can use is breaking your hashtags into various categories: 10 hashtags with over 250,000 hits / 10 hashtags with over 500,000 hits / 5 hashtags with over 1,000,000 hits / 5 hashtags that are branded specifically to your company.

These hashtags should be related to your image and your niche. Also, place them as your first comment. Never in your captions. Nobody wants to see your tags.


2. Build your network within your niche

Networking with people within your niche is huge. Cross-promoting one another is one of the fastest ways a page can grow.

Stick with people relative to your size if you are wanting to utilize cross-promotion without reaching into your investment money.

Sure, if you have some investment money – feel free to reach out to larger pages within your niche and pay for a story or post shout on their page. Paid promo and cross-promotion are quick and efficient ways to grow your brand.


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3. Take advantage of the story feature

Story features give a brand the ability to interact with their followers and thus increase engagement.

People like to connect. Posting daily on your story helps users feel connected!

Don’t be afraid to show them the face behind the page! People LOVE to know who is working behind the scenes. Be personable!

Use the poll or questions stickers on stories when available to take your engagement to a whole new level!


4. Consistent posting

Posting is key to consistent growth. The more your posts are out in the world, with your hashtags, the more likely you are to become discovered.

This is not rocket science, but many people fail in this area. The goal is to develop a feeling of anticipation with your audience. Be consistent and post around the same time each day.

This allows your audience to expect when you are likely to post and begins developing a sense of anticipation to see the content a page they love is putting out daily. Be careful not to over-post.

We do not want to spam our users where they feel every time they log on they only see your images.

Rule of thumb:

Less than 10k followers: no more than 2x daily
20k to 50k followers: 2 or 3x daily
50k to 100k followers : 3 or 4x daily
250k or more followers: 4 to 6x daily

** From experience, there is no need to post more than 4 hours apart or 6x daily.


5. Leverage the algorithm to go viral

You probably spend a little time on the explore or popular page when you are logged into your Instagram.

Have you ever wondered how people land their photos there? Is it from pure chance or luck? No, it is not. I have been able to land on the Explore page time and time again consistently.

Understanding how the algorithm works are key. One of the biggest factors in the algorithm is quick and real engagement in a brief time frame after posting. This tells the algorithm that your post is considered popular and is worthy enough to land on the explore page.

Comments carry more weight than likes and engagement from LARGE pages is what really makes the difference here. If you can generate a lot of likes and comments within 24 hours after posting from big pages, odds are, you will reach the explore page.

Viral content is another key in reaching the explore page consistently. Don’t think you can post an infomercial and reach explore over and over. You better have access to a very large network to pull this off as in millions in reach.



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