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Increase Your Website Conversion Rate in 7 Days!



Increase Your Website Conversion Rate in 7 Days!

So, let me start by describing the ‘Conversion Rate’ quickly. It is the average percentage of the total number of visitors that visit the website. It is calculated by compiling the statistics of organic and paid traffic alike. In the current scenario, every company lusts for better conversion rates. But let me share a secret- There’s no rationale for conversion rates because they vary from industry to industry.

It just depends on what stratagem is being used for generating better conversion rates frequently. And the prominent solution for the same is provided by website designing companies. According to a report collected in the second half of 2019, only 27% of businesses are satisfied with their existing conversion rate. These statistics clearly indicate that a huge number of companies are not contented with current conversion rates.

On the other hand, it may also highlight that website designing companies haven’t derived the right formula yet that can upscale the website conversion rate. Moreover, there might be something else wrong with the website that increases the bounce rate. Let me help you to deal with all the possible problems your website is currently facing.


Secret Web Designing Tips for Increased Conversion Rate

Here’s a list of some website designing tips. Using these tips, you’ll surely increase the website conversion rates.


  • Tip 1: Make It Mobile-Friendly

    This statement isn’t under the shroud anymore. 85% of people use their mobile phones for visiting a website. Whether it is about purchasing something or making a reservation, mobiles are used on a huge scale. If your website is too heavy for mobiles, you would definitely have a drop in conversion rates. It can be avoided by reducing animations, restricting auto-play media, and optimizing images. Even Google favors those websites that prioritize mobile experience.


  • Tip 2: Utilizing White Space Wisely

    White space is a common term that all web designers are familiar with. Since it has no element, it is called negative space as well. Though it is seen as a useless corner on a webpage, it is imperative for a fantastic website design. Since it surrounds a particular image or text, it helps the visitor in reading or seeing the text/image displayed. Besides, you should utilize the white space for setting up CTA buttons. A better experience for the visitor will improve the conversion rate of the website.




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  • Tip 3: Adding Video on Landing Page

    This is the new trend and a sure shot solution for assuring gains in conversion rates. Instead of stuffing the website with multiple short videos, pin the video (or videos) on the landing page. As a former website designing expert, I suggest keeping the landing page video(s) shortly. Furthermore, being creative and adding a personal touch to it would support the message. Visitors who watch the complete video tend to stay for a long time on the website.


  • Tip 4: Incorporate a Welcome Gate

    Website designing trends are changing frequently and welcome gates have boarded this trendy train. Instead of adding multiple CTA buttons, that pop out suddenly, add a welcome gate. With a full-screen welcome gate, the website ‘welcomes’ the visitor with a single CTA button. What’s more, a welcome gate will help in expanding the email list.


  • Tip 5: Apply the 8 Second Rule

    Throughout my professional life in the website designing industry, I imbibed with the fact that it takes 8 seconds for leaving an impression on the visitor visiting your website. Hence, there are some points that you too imbibe with for a better conversion rate.

Add catchy headlines.

Use optimized imagery.

Pin videos only on the landing page.

Use readable typography.


  • Tip 6: Testimonials Aren’t Suffice

    Gone are the times when showcasing the achievement statistics on the website was considered tomfoolery. With changing trends, sharing the success rate graph & testimonials became an important part of gaining the trust of visitors. Since the customer of today is empowered, he/she won’t rely only on testimonials. Thus, sharing the milestone statistics is a great way for increasing conversion rate.


  • Tip 7: Faces Increases Familiarity

    By incorporating human faces, the familiarity with the service/product offered by a company increases automatically. It is a human tendency to feel connected or empathize with a person so, never miss out on adding photos in testimonials. If you’re the face of the company then conduct your photoshoot. Add those photographs on the website accordingly and wait to see the desired results.


Until We Meet Again

So, I compiled some untold website designing tips for a better conversion rate. These are simple yet creative tips that bring desired results for a company operating in any industry. Even I’ve used these principles for bringing desirable changes in many websites during my professional life. Hence, try these tips for better conversion rates. Good luck!



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Ankit Gupta is a self-taught digital marketing professional who loves to decode the industry’s jargon for the people entering the vast world of the web. Apart from being an avid writer and sharing his thoughtful insights, he passionately follows the top web and digital marketing gurus to expand his knowledge base. He has strategized many successful digital marketing campaigns for WeblinkIndia.Net, a leading web development & designing company in India.

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