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Step By Step Guide To Influencer Marketing In TikTok



Step By Step Guide To Influencer Marketing In TikTok

As TikTok takes off as the fastest growing social media platform, marketing opportunities for TikTok influencers are emerging from left to right. We have detailed the most important factors to consider to provide your brand with the knowledge necessary to enhance or optimize your TikTok marketing efforts. In particular, we focus on the fast-growing method of running marketing campaigns influenced by TikTok.


What is TIKTOK?

TikTok is a short format social video platform that has conquered the world of social networks. Users can upload and share videos up to 15 seconds long and often have lip-syncing, dance, beats, among many other comic acts. The TikTok app allows users to add audio and visual effects, including songs and filters, making it a popular destination for creative minds,  but it also allows anyone to be a creator. 


Here are the step by step guides to influencer marketing in Tiktok.

1. Check your target audience

As we established earlier, the TikToks audience is growing by a few minutes. Today, more adults are using this platform than ever before.

It is important to keep in mind that 41% of all TikTok users are between the ages of 16 and 24. This makes it the ideal social network for companies that target preteens and teenagers.


2. Set the content types 

Like any other social media strategy, it is important to devise the types of content you will share in this medium. Always keep in mind that for content to be successful on TikTok, it must be accessible, unique, and fun.

Fortunately, with TikTok as a video-centric platform, there are limitless ways to take advantage of content ideas. The best approach is to have fun and seek inspiration in daily life.

Product-focused companies can share product guides step by step.

  • Restaurants can display 15-second versions of the prepared food
  • Boutiques can create beloved test videos
  • Clothing brands can use TikTok to share their latest collection on video before and after.
  • Higher education companies can provide content found on campus.


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3. Create an editorial plan

Now that you’ve determined what types of content you’ll use to complete your company’s TikTok account, it’s time to decide the time and frequency of publication. Like Instagram, Facebook, and Co, TikTok is a platform based exclusively on content that people turn to for entertainment. Therefore, new content is needed at regular intervals to engage (potential) followers.

To satisfy both new and potential new followers, posting about 5 times a week is a constant technique for building a lasting presence on TikTok.

However, it doesn’t stop there. TikTok is known for its imaginative users. This means that people looking to build a great brand in TikTok should be two things: witty and daring.


4. Consider the influence on marketing

Especially for people who have never heard of this application before, TikTok has a lot to assimilate. Video creation remains one of the biggest challenges for marketers, so why not try some outsourcing?

Sometimes, it’s a good idea to leave things to professionals. In this case, TikTok professionals are 16 to 24 years old!

Collaborating with influential people is the perfect opportunity to get in touch with your target audience or a young audience that can influence your parents’ purchasing decisions without having to invest hours and hours in creating interesting video content.


5. Find your influencers

Influencer Marketing on TikTok allows you to spread your message to a large number of busy people who otherwise would not have noticed. Through the influencer, they build their brand and start interacting with it. More importantly, the influencer audience must match their target audience. 

You should always opt for influential TikTok people who attract the same niche as your target customers. Keep in mind that bigger isn’t always better. With influencers, relevance is more important than scope. The following chart shows how interaction rates decrease with an increasing number of followers.


6. Supercharging via TikTok Ads

After dizzying months of waiting, TikTok has finally launched the option to place ads within the TikTok app. Still fairly new to the advertising game, TikTok isn’t as saturated with advertising as other platforms. Instead, the content is still predominantly organic. This represents an incredible opportunity for the first companies to get advertising on TikTok.

 Currently, TikTok Advertising offers 3 different types of ads:

  • Brand Takeovers: 

These ads will appear immediately after a user has opened the TikTok application, ensuring that all eyes are on it. From there, you can drive to another video on TikTok or an external website. Prices depend on the exact pricing model. However, you can typically expect to pay from $ 50,000 to $ 100,000 for an ad to serve during the application acquisition period.

  • Feed Ads:  

Ads are placed in the feed as part of the video queue and this makes them feel more organic and natural. Native video ads are the most accessible. Usually, they cost around $ 10 per CPM.

  • Hashtag Challenges:

In addition to the organic Hashtag challenges, the TikTok team also allows the announced Hashtag challenges to encourage other users to participate. Sponsoring a Hashtag challenge via TikTok has a fixed fee of $ 150,000 for 6 days. At first, it may seem like a lot.  Using a Hashtag challenge in TikTok gave Taco Bell a 64% increase in sales. 




Influence marketing is probably the most effective form of marketing in TikTok. You just have to work with your influencer to create a creative strategy that will help you arouse your audience’s interest in your brand and product. There are also tons of popular audiobooks where you can learn on proper Influence marketing. Audiobooks are a very easy way to gain knowledge about Influence marketing, So, Jump and increase your knowledge through audiobooks.


Author Bio:

Nishil Prasad is a passionate writer, hungry for new innovation. New trends fill him with tons of enthusiasm to uncover hidden topics. Speakaudible covers a wide range of subjects related to audiobooks. Check out our latest article on the best fantasy audiobooks.



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