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Is Studying Abroad worth it? Arguments and Statistics

Ashish Trikha



Is Studying Abroad worth it? Arguments and Statistics

Studying abroad has consistently involved huge investment. But, given the fierce competition to get into the top and elite Indian institutes, studying abroad has become a popular option. In the past few years, numerous aspiring youthful Indians, even from humble foundations, have been picking a foreign degree. In any case, increasing studying costs, expanding complexities of migration rules in a portion of the popular study-abroad destinations, and employment issues for outside alumni in India are raising a critical point – is an international education worth it?


Is Studying Abroad Worth it or Not?

Tightening of Post-Study Work Visa and Immigration Rules

Some previous years have been tough for some Indian students who were either studying or working abroad. A few Indians who had gone to foreign nations, for example, the US and UK, are returning as immigration rules are getting harder for working and living abroad. According to the report, there has been a 30% – 40% drop in Indian students set off to the US and UK for higher education.

The significant reason being cited is that it is currently tough to get a job in these nations after graduation because of visa restrictions and an overall shortage of jobs. Thinking about the significant expense of foreign education, numerous students currently feel that the return on their investment won’t be sufficient due to this tight job market.


Foreign Graduates Face Problems While Searching for Jobs

The principal issue, in employment, comes in networking with Indian recruiters. Indian employers are generally quite unaware of foreign colleges.

Numerous SMEs, startups, and significantly more prominent companies have no way to comprehend the international quality of higher education. They are not so aware of the sort of educational program and the evaluations, and skills, obtained by students when contrasted with simple to-scale degrees from notable institutes in India.

Then there is the brand issue. A great deal of Canadian, European, and Australian colleges are not as famous, by name, the same number of American colleges (for example Ivy League) and a couple of British colleges (Cambridge and Oxford) are.


Value of an International Degree

Concerning higher education, there’s no uncertainty that international education is a significant fascination for Indian students. Compared with the quality of education accessible at most Indian universities, a degree from a university abroad is considered superior. For those Indian students who wish to improve their chances in life and fulfill their fantasies and goals, international education is a significant draw.


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Is it worth studying MBBS from Ukraine?

If one study MBBS in Ukraine, one will not think twice about it. Many top medical universities are in the top spot and are recognized globally. Pretty much every Ukraine medical university is licensed by the MCI and WHO, so it is valid in India.

Ukraine Government is very enthused about the improvement and advancement of medical education in the nation. The medical universities get consistent assistance from the Ukraine government for keeping up the standard of education. The students who get a medicinal degree from a Ukraine Medical University can work in any piece of the world.


Some factors which attract international students to do their MBBS from Ukraine are:

  1. The quality of education and framework in Ukraine medical universities is excellent.
  2. The government is consistently there to help the colleges in settling research and money related issues in education.
  3. The cost of MBBS in Ukraine is extremely low.
  4. No donation fee required for getting admission to a medicinal school in Ukraine.
  5. Numerous extracurricular activities and sports activities are held in the medicinal schools that keep the students fit and dynamic.


Is Studying Abroad Worth It? What Do Statistics Say?

Satisfaction Rate of Students and Alumni

The dominant majority of international graduated demonstrated that their U.S. degree was a wise investment, somewhat in light of significant yields both socially and culturally.

According to WES Original research, an agreement that Studying in the U.S. achieved the following:

91% of Students Developed the ability to get along with people different from themselves.

90% of Students increased general knowledge and got a well-rounded education

90% of Students get helped in getting a global perspective

89% of students found that it was a good investment for their future

88% of students developed their problem-solving skills


Stay-Back Opportunities

The leading five nations of citizenship right now India, China, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, and the Philippines. The vast majority of respondents from India are currently dwelling in the US.

According to WES Original research, most of the international graduates reside in the US. 83% of the Indian students who graduate from abroad live in the US, 12% in India, and 5% in other countries.


Recognition of US Degree Abroad

Most of the respondents from India and different nations said their US degree is valuable in the country where they as of now live.

85% of graduates agree that their US Degree is relevant in the country they are living in.


Employment Rate

For international graduates, securing a job and gaining a salary either in the US or abroad is a significant proportion of success.

76% of the Indian students have Full-time employability, 8% are employed part-time or seasonally, and 12% don’t have a job, according to a report by WES Original Research.


Return On Investment (ROI)

75% of international alumni state that the general payment of their educational cost, in addition to everyday expenses, was worth the purchase of their educational experience in the US.

76 % of students from India agree that studying and earning a degree in the US was worth the cost.



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