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Is Technology Helping Or Harming The Future?



Is Technology Helping Or Harming The Future

Technology and its use have always been controversial topics because some experts believe we rely too much on tech, while others believe tech can help improve our day-to-day life. Many science fiction movies paint technology in a bad light; technology is either taking over the world or the reason why people have become lazy.

But is technology really that bad? The answer is complicated because it all depends on how we decide to use technology as a society. Currently, many regular people believe technology can improve their lives by allowing them to connect with loved ones no matter where they are and helping them get work completed faster than before. Additionally, with advances in health tech, people can easily monitor their health and make impactful changes to improve overall health and wellbeing.

Of course, on the other side of the coin, you have people who believe too much technology can be detrimental to society and the future. These individuals believe people have become too reliant on their devices and have lost the ability to connect with others on a human-to-human level. This article will discuss whether technology is helping or hammering the future by exploring its benefits and drawbacks.


Here are some of the benefits of technology

Is Technology Helping Or Harming The Future


Technology in the past few decades has allowed us to stay in contact with people around the world. By allowing us to connect with old friends and family, we can form better relationships even though those relationships might not be in person. Additionally, technology, especially the internet and our devices, can help us connect with new people who share our values, which can make living in the world less lonely for those suffering from medical illnesses, old age, or those that feel like no one else understands.

Let us not forget online dating and dating apps. Younger generations, such as millennials and Gen Zers, are using dating apps to find romantic partners and new friends, proving that technology can help you meet new people that are close by that you didn’t even know existed. Additionally, social media apps allow companies to connect with new audiences and build a community and following.


Improve Access To Services

Some services we can’t live without, but unfortunately, some people don’t have easy access to such services. For example, people living in rural areas may not have access to the best doctors and cannot afford to book a flight just to see a specialist. With technology, anyone can now get the proper care they need from a doctor, thanks to telemedicine.

Additionally, in everyday life, we now have access to just about any service, including financial services, online that allow more convenient solutions to manage our finances. Without technology, we wouldn’t be able to check our bank balances before making a purchase, and paying for something without knowing how much money we have could be quite difficult. Financial services also allow us to easily make investments in stocks, bonds, and cryptocurrency so we can passively grow our wealth. Technology can also help us determine market rates, fair rent prices, and just help overall with better financial management.

You can also buy just about anything online, thanks to the big boom in eCommerce, allowing you to shop from the comfort of your own home at any time of day.


Remote Work

We all have responsibilities outside of work, and if you’re working a 9-5 job, those responsibilities often get pushed back so you can make it to work on time, spend eight hours a day working for someone else, and come home exhausted but still have to cook dinner and prepare for another day of work the next day. With remote work, people can have a better work-life balance to reduce stress and improve their relationships with family and friends.

Remote work also benefits employers because hiring millennials may require flexibility. As younger generations are looking for better opportunities that offer work-from-home options or flexible hours, allowing employees to work from anywhere in the world can increase the talent pool they have to choose from. Additionally, with remote work, employers no longer have to pay for large, expensive office spaces.



Online schooling has been around for a few years, but only recently have people realized the benefits it can have on students, teachers, and even parents. With online schooling, students can do their school work and attend classes online, so there’s no need for parents to wake up early to drop their kids off in the carpool lane or take work off early to pick them up. Of course, if children are still young, someone must be around to watch those kids and ensure they’re doing their work. However, as many parents make the shift to working from home, they can keep an eye on their children while working in the same room.

In addition to education platforms for young minds, there also is a variety of e-learning opportunities for adults. Whether it’s a requirement assigned by an employer or a means to continuing their education, adults are opting for online learning as well since it oftentimes is cheaper and more convenient than taking an in-person course.


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Drawbacks Of Technology


Technology makes it easy for people to remain in constant communication, and while people are social creatures and need communication, too much communication can be a bad thing. Being accessible at all times can cause stress because you’re expected to answer every phone call, text message, and Slack ping from your boss as soon as possible. However, being completely available all the time can cause stress and poor mental health.



Technology can be addicting, which is why so many parents are concerned about their children’s device use. Of course, what many older generations may view as addiction may just be a sign of the times. Instead of connecting in person, younger generations prefer to have digital lives and speak with their friends through texting and video calls. While that may seem strange to their parents, it’s no stranger than previous generations whose parents thought they watched too much television.

Is Technology Helping Or Harming The Future


Bullying is a serious problem among young people, but the internet opens bullying up to anyone of any age. Cyberbullies use technology to abuse and bully others, which can have the same detrimental effects as bullying in person, except the abuser, in some cases, gets to remain anonymous. Cyberbullying can cause severe emotional distress for people of all ages, and it’s unpreventable.


Poor Communication

Some communication still must take place in person. Even though many people are working remotely, people still have to know how to talk to each other. Younger generations who speak with their friends through technology might not understand body language and may find socializing person-to-person more difficult or even anxiety-inducing.


Final Thoughts

Technology offers us convenience and access to better products and services. However, it can have negative consequences on our health and wellness. While communication is a good thing, too much communication can cause stress because people feel obligated to reply to messages promptly. The internet and other technologies have drawbacks that can impact mental health, such as cyberbullying and addiction.

While too much tech use is associated with poor mental health, technology is likely not the cause; it’s how the technology is used. If you’re worried technology is taking over your life, consider setting boundaries for yourself to only use technology when it makes tasks easier.


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