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Jackie Strohl: Be the CEO of Your Own Life, If I Can Do It, So Can You!



Jackie Strohl: Be the CEO of Your Own Life, If I Can Do It, So Can You!

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Mompreneur and CEO of my own life, my name is Jackie Strohl. I own 2J Marketing LLC and I help parents who feel stuck create financial freedom and give their families the life they deserve!


How did the business start?

My health has been an issue for many years. I have an undiagnosed auto-immune disease that causes bowel obstructions and has hospitalized me countless times! 2 of those stays required emergency surgery. So a regular “job” wasn’t an option for me.

I knew that people were making money online, but I had no idea how. After a bit of research, I came across dropshipping and Shopify and opened a store. 2 of them to be exact. But there was a problem… I HATED IT!

I wasn’t actually helping anyone. I was just selling cheap crap to make a few bucks, and I wasn’t even making enough to keep my business afloat.

I had heard the buzz about affiliate marketing and decided to research that instead and immediately fell in love with the idea of actually helping people and turning my mess into a message.

So I took the plunge. Headfirst.

but my body wasn’t done throwing surprises at me.

3 days after I took the plunge, I was diagnosed with breast cancer.

I almost quit.

But then I quickly realized that I already had a huge mess. This didn’t change anything. In fact, this just made my message even bigger!

For the next month and a half, I worked on learning, growing, and getting my message out there, all while seeing doctors and getting ready for a double mastectomy.

Then surgery day came. Everything went well and I spent 4 days in the hospital.

The day after the surgery, the most incredible thing happened. I made my first $1k commission from my hospital bed.

I knew at that moment that the universe had given me a sign. The universe had just shown me that my bumpy road was never about me. It was about inspiring others to take charge of their lives and make their dreams come true no matter what their circumstance.



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What are the challenges you met and how did you manage to cope up with these challenges and reach your current status?

After that first commission, things slowed way down. it was like the universe just wanted to deliver that message real quick. I knew it was time for me to take it to the next level. So, I hired coaches, went to live events, took courses… you name it. I did it.

I have come so far but I’m still not where I want to be.


Who influenced you in this industry and how did he/she influence you?

David Sharpe (Legendary Marketer) was my first influencer/mentor in the online world. His story of struggle and triumph made me realize that if he could do it, so could I.


How did you manage to market your business and compete with other agencies in your niche?

Value, value, value… and oh yeah… more value!

I have learned to set myself apart from the crowd by making an irresistible offer. Even if someone else is selling the same opportunity, I sweeten the pot πŸ™‚


What Best Practice/s can you share to our startup readers?

Nobody actually cares about your product, service, or opportunity. Posting about sales and offers will get you nowhere! Leading with the BENEFITS your offer has… that will take you places beyond your wildest dreams!


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