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Jay Awal says Chase The Vision, Not The Money // MxM The Movement



Jay Awal says Chase The Vision, Not The Money // MxM The Movement

Jay Awal facilitates and works alongside an elite group of entrepreneurs known as MxM The Movement, people of all ages on a mission to help the world grow, spiritually, mentally, and financially. MxM The Movement is in the same industry as Harvard, Yale, and MIT. The only difference is the people that they serve, while those Ivy League schools help people become elite level employees, MxM The Movement helps people become profitable entrepreneurs and forward-thinking investors. Since they retain the high excellence of members, they only partner with the most ambitious, driven, and talented people to carry on this legacy into the millions of people.


How does a successful entrepreneur like yourself have so much free time?

Well, that’s an interesting question because realistically, what is free time for you? Traveling, spending quality time with friends and family? You know, it may seem that way to the average person from the outside looking in that there is so much free time. Free time to me is being able to do when I want, when I want, with who I want, and because of online-based businesses we are able to do that from anywhere in the world. So we are free all the time, with a packed out schedule. The idea is to be free but productive, to have no rules but to have a regimen for success. Once you can lead yourself, then you can lead others. 


What’s it like being your own boss?

It depends on what type of boss you are, to be honest. When you are your own boss it can be difficult to have self-actualization and put your foot down on when you’re performing up to par, when it’s time to celebrate or when it’s time to put in overtime. The ability to wake yourself up, push yourself forward, and hold yourself accountable is a skill set that must be learned. When you know why you’re doing what you’re doing it makes it much easier to push through the obstacles. So even as cliche as it may sound. Your WHY needs to be at the forefront. 


How does someone hold themselves accountable?

One thing that has been a must for me is a daily calendar. I write out my goals and set out my intention for the week every Sunday. Each day looking to add as much as I can and cross off each task as I complete it. Tracking my action and tweaking it every week to get better and better. 10 years from now I’ll be able to look back at each year’s planner and see exactly what I did, or did not do to get the results that I have. Another way of holding yourself accountable is attaching your goals to someone other than you, have an emotional attachment not to the outcome of the daily grind but to what it will look like when your long term goal comes true. A good way to measure your goal and how important it really is, is by asking yourself “when my goal comes true, does it change my world; or does it change THE world”. If your goal doesn’t change anyone’s life but yours, chances are it will be lost along with the pursuit. 


Can anybody be an Entrepreneur?

I really believe everyone can be an entrepreneur however not everyone will be. It’s a personal choice, it’s a commitment. Entrepreneurs are those that dare to create, step out of their comfort zone, and push through the obstacles to achieve greater things. The most important rule of entrepreneurship is self-evaluation and goal-setting and that’s based on honesty. Going into entrepreneurship with your eyes wide open about your strengths and weaknesses, your likes and dislikes, and your ultimate goals let you confront the decisions you’ll face with greater confidence and a greater chance of success. 



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