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Product Development Done The Right Way – KeraHealth



Product Development Done The Right Way - KeraHealth

Fay Afghahi is the founder of KeraHealth, a beauty company that specializes in hair care products for both men and women. KeraHealth is at the forefront of hair care products and a pioneer of modern innovations in the beauty sector.

Recently, I had the chance to speak with Fay and her husband Ali Reza concerning the product development process at KeraHealth. I’m sure you’ll find this very useful. 

1. What’s the first step you take when developing a product?

Fay speaks;

Whenever I decide to embark upon a new product development it is usually a result of identifying a market need, then finding interesting ingredient innovations that respond to that need.

In the case of our Follicle Hero Shampoo and Follicle Hero Conditioner our clients kept requesting a shampoo and conditioner- it wasn’t actually something that we had originally planned on developing. 

But when we understood that it was really something they wanted, our R&D started running clinical tests on our exclusive active ingredient for topical use. The results were incredible! So we started developing the line.



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2. How long does it take to get from idea to full conception?

Fay speaks

Unfortunately, the process takes a lot of time! There are so many elements that you have to take into consideration from ingredients, clinical trials, packaging, manufacturing, registration, communication, marketing, honestly the list is endless. 

From the time that we have an idea, and R&D start working on ingredients, formulations, and clinical tests to the time we actually manufacture the product can be anywhere from 12-24 months for the supplements and for Follicle Hero products it was about 12 months.


3. Do you test a portion of the market before releasing the product?

Ali Reza Speaks;

Once our products have gone through clinical trials- which are carried out on people, not animals – we do have the products tested by people in our entourage for feedback. Generally speaking, clinical tests are the most important to determine the efficiency of a product.


4.What about clinical studies, given that KeraHealth is a beauty brand?

Fay speaks;

We absolutely base all of our products on what science tells us- rather than ingredients or market trends and facts. This means our main active ingredients are always naturally-sourced, clinically tested and drug-free. 

We are very transparent in sharing all our clinical studies on our site so all customers can refer to them. In the case of Follicle Hero, it was the strength of the clinical studies that made us understand that simply had to pursue the creation of shampoo and conditioner for hair loss and strength purposes. 

This really motivated us to create our KeraHealth 360 Hair Health Plan, which combines the 4 steps;

1) Supplement- With KeraHealth Hair, nourishing and strengthening the hair follicles from within. 

2) Cleanse- Follicle Hero Shampoo gently cleanses and exfoliates the scalp removing any product build-up and fortifying the hair from follicle to tip. 

3) Nourish- Follicle Hero Conditioner nourishes the hair from follicle to tip and its unique keratin and wheat protein formula bind to the micro gaps (damage) in the hair shaft nourishing and strengthening it. 

4) Stimulate: The KeraHealth scalp stimulator is essential to stimulate the microcirculation in the scalp, assuring and increasing the blood flow to the follicles.



Product development shouldn’t be too difficult, all you need to do is create a model based on the information provided in this article and you’ll be good to go. If you need to reach out to Fay, here’s her Instagram handle.



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