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6 Keys to Remember when Writing Science Fiction



6 Keys to Remember when Writing Science Fiction

We can say that a science fiction story is one that takes place in the future, whether immediate or far away, in which we find some element different from what exists in this reality.

Part of the grace of a science fiction story is to see how that new element or elements affect the lives of the characters or the whole society. This genre is also called “speculative literature.”

In fact, sometimes a science fiction story or novel fits into a totally different world than ours – perhaps populated by aliens or robots. But finally, that kind of setting usually aims to reflect on our own world or our own society. You don’t have to roam around to know if there are ghostwriting services near me. Just go online, find the suitable one by viewing their portfolios.

A fundamental part of science fiction is that the new elements have to have a scientific basis. Everything that happens has to be explained with the science we know. What does a writer need to know to write a science fiction novel? A question that surrounds the head of many authors who are dedicated to this genre.

And is that writing science fiction is a difficult art, but very grateful. The possibility of inventing new worlds and giving life to strange universes is fascinating. Following are some keys to keep in mind when writing something on science fiction:


6 Keys to Remember When Writing Science Fiction


1. Define your world

After reading the introduction, surely you have very clear one of the first questions you should answer when considering writing science fiction: What is that main element that differentiates your world of science fiction from our current world?

Remember that it can be any type of element that affects the human being, society, and that is different from what we know.

And do not forget that depending on how much time your story advances in the future, you should also consider how much of science, technology, or social issues have evolved.


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2. To write science fiction, read science fiction

Starting with the basics, the first tip is to read a lot.

Carlos Fuentes said, “You have to love reading to be a good writer because writing doesn’t start with you.”

Therefore, nothing better than becoming a voracious reader. It is obvious to recommend reading science fiction works, the better you know the genre, the better you will write. But do not be typecast in reading, try different genres and themes because that will enrich your perspective.


3. Learn science

It is not our advice, a great Philosopher said: to write science fiction you have to know about science.

Soak up scientific readings of an informative nature, such as essays or periodicals, watch documentaries, visit museums, and even go to conferences. You should also document yourself well before you start writing. To write good science fiction you will need to know how to write well. Trying to improve your techniques or your style is never a waste of time.


4. Science fiction is not everything

You may be an expert in robotics or your imagination when describing mutant or alien beings is worthy of reward. However, that may not be the highlight of your story. This must have an interesting and well-developed plot, it must raise a conflict that the protagonist struggles to overcome. Without that, no matter how fruitful your imagination is, you will lose the reader.

5. Take care of the likelihood

Science fiction is not real, but it must be credible.

That is, in history, there should be no inconsistencies understood as incredible elements within the context of fiction that you have plotted to develop the story. For example, if your protagonist travels to the Middle Ages with a time machine then it is impossible to find a plug to charge a mobile. As you may have heard many times that everything is available on the internet. That’s absolutely right. You can now hire Fiction ghostwriting services near me or even far from your accommodation or workplace. Their collaboration and responsiveness is commendable and has always been appreciated. It is highly recommended to hire a ghostwriter if you are unable to spend time writing.

6. Grant your protagonist human qualities

For the same reason that a good plot is necessary, regardless of the fantastic context in which it develops, it is necessary to create characters that have “human soul”. Even if it is an interstellar or artificial intelligence. The reader must be able to identify with the protagonist and for this, he has to recognize himself in it.



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