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All You Need To Know About Cyclone Dust Collector!



All You Need To Know About Cyclone Dust Collector!

It might seem complicated, but cyclone dust collector does a straightforward but essential work. It is used mainly to filter dust. The dust collector works by using buoyant, drag, or centrifugal force. When the air that is filled with dust enters the dust collector, the heavier dust particles are pushed away towards the wall of the cyclone dust collector. The friction helps to drop all the dust particles into a collection box, which is present at the bottom of the dust collector. A secondary vortex is created by the spinning air inside the cyclone dust collector. The clean air is pushed out from the top of the collector due to that vortex.


All You Need To Know About Cyclone Dust Collector!


The Efficiency of The Cyclone Dust Collector

In order to make the cyclone dust collector work with utmost efficiency, you need to look after a couple of factors. These factors need to measure precisely. The measurement should suit the requirement of the cyclone dust collector. Some of these factors include cfm, water pressure drop, inlet, and the height and the width ratio. It is advisable to choose a cyclone dust collector who has an efficiency that depends on water pressure drop and cfm. A good cyclone dust collector will be able to filter the air and reduce the dust particles to 15 microns. If you want to filter out smaller particles, you can choose to add a baghouse system for filtration to a secondary or single cyclone.

Take Care of the Involutes Inlet

The involutes inlet is one of the most important parts of any cyclone dust collector. It is responsible for initiating the cyclonic movement of the dust particle-filled air when it enters the dust collector. It is due to this reason that clean air comes out of the dust collector without any hindrance. If you do not take care of the involutes inlet, the dust particles in the air will enter the exhaust vortex. This can lead to a decrement in the efficiency of a cyclone dust collector.



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Advantages of Using a Cyclone Dust Collector

When you decide to empty the bag of a standard dust collector, you will have to deal with a huge cloud of dust that emerges from it. However, in the case of a cyclone dust collector, it is much safer and cleaner. Since the primary collection point only contains heavier debris, you do not have to deal with a lot while cleaning the bag. Moreover, the cyclonic method in a cyclone dust collector prevents the filter from getting damaged easily. Hence, it is more durable.

Buying The Right Cyclone Dust Collector

When you are out to buy a cyclone dust collector, you need to make sure that you take a few extra steps to get an efficient one. The first thing that you need to do is to know about your CFM requirement. You will be able to know the CFM by doing a simple calculation. All you need to decide is the amount of airflow that you require at each and every pickup point in your cyclone dust collector system. If you are clueless, you can ask an engineer who deals with the collection of dust. You can even choose to talk to the manufacturer of dust collection devices to know about the CFM.


All You Need To Know About Cyclone Dust Collector!

Where Can You See Cyclone Dust Collector?

There are a lot of places where cyclone dust collectors are used. It can usually be seen outside the manufacturing facility as well as processing plants. You can also see it outside some schools. What are you waiting for? It is a great time to buy a cyclone dust collector. Cyclone dust collectors come in different colors as well as size. All you need to do is to do proper research before buying the right one.




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