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Laptop vs Desktop Which Is Best For Work At Home



Laptop vs Desktop Which Is Best For Work At Home

Different people normally have a different impression when it comes to working from home. Some think it’s about resting, watching TV shows, and doing house chores. Working from home is normally like a remote office. You need to be productive as if you were in an office. When working from home, you need to decide whether to operate with a desktop or laptop computer. However, these two kinds of computers have their pros and cons. The guidance below explains in detail whether to pick a laptop vs desktop to work from home.



Modern laptops come with a slim and sleek design. They are made with premium-models which weigh less than three pounds & measures just about a half-inch thick. Moreover, slim laptops are best for individuals that require to take their work with them as they move up & go. Desktops are normally big and heavy. This is because they have bigger internal components. Moreover, it also operates with an external keyboard, mouse, and monitor. This makes it tiresome when you need to relocate from a particular place to the other.



In terms of cost, desktops are normally cheaper when compared to laptops. However, this will greatly depend on its specifications. Moreover, you also need to have in mind that with a desktop, you’ll need to buy a keyboard, mouse, and monitor. Additionally, with desktops, you need to buy a separate webcam. This can be used when video conferencing. To improve your security, you will require to buy an exterior fingerprint reader.

With laptops, you will save on the cost of buying a webcam, a UPS, microphone, and fingerprint reader to some. However, nowadays, you can get cheap laptops which are nice.


Ease of Repair

Desktops are far easier to repair and maintain when compared to laptops. With laptops, a minor issue will send you to a technician where you will be charged. On desktops, it’s easier to carry out simple maintenance like removing-dust from your computer case or swapping-out a defective hard drive.


Power Rating

Desktops are made to use more power when operating as opposed to laptops. This is because desktops have a bigger component which requires more power to run. Desktops have a wide-open design which is a bigger advantage. This will allow your system to run nice & cool even when carrying out heavy multitasking. This is significant because overheating can make a computer operate slowly.

The thinner laptop comes with low-power processors that are made to keep one’s mobile device cool. Also, all the hardware is crammed to have a super-slim shell.


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It’s recommended that you should place the monitor at your eye-level and straighten your back. You should also keep the elbows bent at a 90-degree angle. This will help in reducing strain to your muscles & joints. Ergonomic is important to people that will be working for hours. Moreover, the ergonomic setup is easily achieved on desktops than on laptops. Its keyboard can be placed on the tray below your desk. This will allow one to reach your keyboard & mouse minus craning or hunching your neck.


Work Capabilities

In several ways, desktop surpasses laptops in terms of capability. Desktops come with powerful processors & graphics cards. Furthermore, you can also add more RAM and also increase your storage size. Desktops also have more I/O panels than laptops. The fixed nature of a desktop allows a suitable device to remain plugged into the internet using an Ethernet cord. Thus, you will have a more consistent and high-speed connection. Desktops are also best for use on visual work with video or photo editing. It’s also suitable for design work.


Ability to Focus

When working from home, you need to focus so that you can be productive. While at home, you will encounter many distractions. However, laptop vs desktop will not guarantee your concentration. With a desktop, you will be away from different distractions, like the TV. Additionally, your family/friends will recognize that you are busy when you are at the desktop unlike when sitting on the couch with your laptop.

Additionally, when with a desktop and there is an abrupt distraction, you will lose concentration. When with laptops, you will just pick it and move to a quiet room.


Wrap Up

Working from home is being embraced by more people especially during this period of COVID-19. When working from home you need a suitable machine. And you need to know about the advantage of a laptop or desktop. Then you can choose, Laptop vs Desktop which is the best for you. For you to choose the appropriate one, you need to consider cost, work nature, and performance. Desktops are normally suitable when your work involves design and video/audio work. Moreover, with laptops, you can continue with your work even when there is power fluctuation.



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