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Latest Handbag Trends for Men and Women in 2020



Latest Handbag Trends for Men and Women in 2020

Handbags are one of the most essential as well as the most charismatic accessories for a female. Similarly, elegant wallets are the apples of every men’s eye.  In this article, I am going to summarize the most recent trends of handbag and wallet sets for men and women in 2020.

Latest Handbag Trends For Women

  • Top-Handle Bags

Top handled bags are always in trend. They look adorable, especially in parties and formal meetings where you want to present yourself as a classy person.  The drawback of this bag is that you get tired of holding them all around, and they are not suitable for regular use. Because for daily use, you need a relatively bigger bag to accommodate all essential stuff.

The most overwhelming colors in this type are red, pink, maroon, black, and off white.

  • Staud Moon Shoulder Bag

Staud Moon Shoulder bags are the fashion stunners. They look fantastic despite the fact on which occasion you are carrying them. Leather staud moon bags are one of the most demanded wholesale bags of 2019. The reason behind this is their two-way functionality. No. 1 they look amazing and expensive than their original price and No. 2, they have sufficient space to accommodate essential accessories efficiently.

  • Osoi Croc-Effect Crossbody Bag

This bag looks spectacular with winter outfits. Especially when carried with a leather bag and sleek check shirt with open hair and small earrings.  Moreover, you can buy this bag to throw whatever you want to recklessly.

As far as the color combination of this bag is concerned, as they are made of faux leather, so mainly thy comes in matte tones like cream, dark and light brown shades, and grey color as well.

  • Nithia Bag

Nithia bags are the perfect choice for high school going girls. It’s also a styling sensation from years with its diverse color combinations and highly modified features. It comes up with a long strip that you can rollover the shoulder or wear like a crossbody bag. It is composed of a variety of materials, including leather and Rexene. Their glossy surface and geometric design are responsible for its distinctive look.

Nithia bags are available in a massive range of colors in the wholesale market, but for 2019-20 people are opting for neon colors because neon colors are in trend these days.

  • Calf Hair Bag

Every wholesale leather products seller is coming up with attractive calf hair bag styles due to their increasing demand. 2019 was the year of calf hair bags. You must have seen celebrities wearing calf hair strip bags, clutches, and pocketbooks, especially leopard calf hair bags, remained in the limelight.

This bag is coming in an enormous range of colors, including black, white, gray, pink, mustard, and maroon.

  • Lune Leather Bucket Bag

Walk-in style with lune leather bucket bag. It’s a classy choice of the people who love to be in the limelight. You can get this stunning bag in a diverse range of colors at affordable rates.



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Latest Pocketbook Trends For Men

  • Leather Money Clip Wallet

If you are a traditional wallet love, then a money clip wallet will be the perfect option for you. It is a hand-stitched leather bag with 4 card slots that can hold 8 cards correctly. Also, it comes up with a clip to hold money that slides in to maintain its sleek look. Money clip leather wallet is stylish as well as durable so, you can always count on them.

  • Leather Bifold Wallet

If you are a man who loves to have an elegant style statement without caring about the budget, then a leather bifold wallet is your ultimate destination. This wallet is made of excellent quality material that lasts longer. It consists of a currency compartment with a divider, hand-painted edges, two slip pockets, and eight slots that make it a  luxurious home for your money.

Latest Handbag Trends for Men and Women in 2020

Bifold is equally famous in ladies and gents due to its elegant appearance and durability.

  • The Classic iPhone Wallet

If you want a pocketbook with dual functionality to accommodate your money, cards, and smartphone, then the classic iPhone can be a good option. It is mainly composed of Italian leather and is readily available in the US especially, handmade iPhone Wallet.

  • Leather Passcase Wallet

If you want to have leather pocketbooks wholesale made of superior quality material at an affordable price, then a leather pass case is the best option for you. It comes up with a minimalist style in a mesmerizing color range to choose from.  It contains card slots, interior currency pocket, slip pockets, and ID windows to accommodate a lot of stuff in a compressed space.

  • All in a Nutshell

These are the trendiest wholesale pocketbooks for men and the latest styles of handbags for women. I hope this catalogue will help you pick a perfect bag for you.


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