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Four Leadership Challenges during the Pandemic Crisis



Four Leadership Challenges during the Pandemic Crisis

When the government began to issue stay-at-home orders and companies mandated work from home, leaders are facing a dilemma on how to handle their organization and keep their employees productive and in-control. But as leaders, there are challenges that will test our leadership skills, and how we handle things here are the four most common leadership challenges to date.


  1. Employees’ Productivity

To push employees’ performance and productivity when they are mentally and emotionally drained by the pandemic is really a tough challenge to hurdle on.

Motivating them in getting things done and operating “business as usual” in the middle of crisis normalcy may be the most challenging job of a leader nowadays.

In your approach to your employees during the pandemic crisis, there will be days that you have to push your employees harder.  Make sure to prioritize and put utmost attention with “connection” with your colleagues over the “correction” of their unfinished business. Motivate them to do their best and do good both mentally and emotionally, rather than pushing them to accomplish a certain task when they are not ready.


Four Leadership Challenges during the Pandemic Crisis



  1. Answering Queries and Giving Instructions

During this crisis, good and concise communication is really important. As a leader, you have to ensure the quality and clarity of the instructions you give. Send demos or samples of the task you are giving them so that they can easily adapt to the task.

Also, leaders can be also prone to lapses so it is necessary to have honest communication that sometimes you have to figure out things before giving the details.  Do not be overconfident and tell them the truth that you are not always right. Consistent communication means that you are proactively giving your thoughts and how you will address the problem of the organization.

Since the interaction is quite complicated, you must establish adaptive and flexible communication with your team so that they can express freely their thoughts, ideas, and queries while working at home.



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  1. Effective and Sustainable Branding of the Company/Organization

Being a leader encompasses a lot of responsibilities. One must establish and emphasize the company’s branding while the absence of physical interaction is not visible during these hard times. Your intentions may be unclear sometimes that is why it is ultimately important to extend empathy to your teammates.

You can make a video with your communications team that you would out to your colleagues, sharing a personal message of gratitude and reflection on how the new normal work approach can be challenging in the organization.

As the leader, you must be open with your colleagues’ suggestions and ideas in order to come up with an effective and sustainable branding of the company. At these hard times, you must let them feel the empathy and connection so that they will feel the ‘corporate vibe’ and ‘humanity’ at the same time.


Four Leadership Challenges during the Pandemic Crisis

  1. How to keep your team engaged while working at home

Your team must learn to conform in working virtually, given their locations and accessibility to the information and tools. The difference in frustration in working via video conference, phone, and email is less. On the other hand, the variability of stress between the two sets of employees (introvert and extrovert) comes from how productive they believe their colleagues are when working from home.

Introvert employees were used to being productive since they never physically interacted with another human being that often. So they are believed could function very well without meeting with them in person. Yet extrovert employees who typically become more productive in working together face a bigger challenge.


Regardless of the differences, we suggested to all of them that they must conform and adapt to the reality of working at home by setting up some basic rules of engagement and then motivate others to do their part and tasks.

Virtual interactions for the various interpersonal needs of the team must also be considered. Make time for some small talk and catch up on how they are doing. Make sure to give recognition and commence them for different accomplishments in their task.



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Jade Casas is proactive quality education, human rights activist, and advocate. He was a campus journalist and an active student leader during his college years. He usually writes about leadership, entertainment, news, lifestyle, and education.

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