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Majed Veysel: The Man Who’s Disrupting The Modern Architectural Industry



Majed Veysel: The Man Who's Disrupting The Modern Architectural Industry

Ever since he was a little boy, Renowned Photographer, and Architect Majed Veysel has always been fond of the arts. At the early age of three, he learned how to draw complex objects and shapes. He had the dream of becoming a world-famous designer and set out to do everything in his power to achieve that. 

Majed started out by visiting exhibitions, studying the different paintings, and works of art on display and critiqued them. Little did he know he was nurturing his talent. Majed exposed himself to an unprecedented amount of creativity and this opened up his mind to a whole new reality.  Over time, Majed learned to create awe-inspiring pieces through photography. He found this the best way to express himself.

In this article, Majed discusses relevant topics concerning himself and his journey through life. Let’s have a look 


Success In The Architectural Industry  

According to Majed, he doesn’t want his art to manifest, rather he wants his art to make people realize who they truly are; he envisions a time where his art will transform individuals that lay their eyes both consciously and subconsciously. This is the true meaning of success to him.

Majed further explains that if there was anything his art would express, then it would accurately represent human nature. His art depicts his experiences as a human, and he ensures he utilizes his own voice to make sure it stands out. 


Architecture and Photography – How Majed sees the world in black and white pureness 

Majed shares that studying architecture transformed his perception of reality. He began seeing his surroundings in a different way.  You can say architecture made him see the world through a monochromatic filter and this led him to countless journeys filled with exploration. 

He loves the monochromatic color scheme because it makes everything more minimalistic, simple, and easy to understand. Each person has different visions with colors, but with black and white, visions unite. 


Ten Cities, All In Black & White 

A large percentage of Majed’s work is done in black and white. So far he’s captured ten cities, all in black and white. When asked why he does this, he explained that every city has its own unique beauty. One just needs to find it and express it in their own personal way.

Majed always tries to see, hear and listen to the other side of things and he is always amazed by that, he loves playing with shapes & forms and tries to make new things from old ones. 

“There is an indescribable magic in black and white that is impossible to explain.”- Majed shares.


Distinctive Elements 

Standing out in today’s society has gotten difficult due to the level of saturation social media has brought. Majed shares that he doesn’t really know what factors make him stand out, but so far, the journey might have been made easier due to his ideas, personality, and emotions. 

Some other abilities that might have helped include his unique way of drawing his memories, his way of sharing his dreams, desires, and how he communicates his experience and observations. 

His art is the expression of himself, his vision and point of view on things that matter to him and provoke his senses by translating them in his own way.  


Seeking Growth?

For individuals who truly want to achieve growth in whatever area of their lives they choose, there are three things you should take into consideration according to Majed; love for one’s craft, proper time management, and adequate care for oneself.

Majed recommends that you keep doing what you love doing and allow things to happen naturally without forcing it. You should also remember that time is precious and it should not be wasted; lastly, you should always take care of yourself. Don’t sacrifice your health at the expense of fame, this will prove important in the long run. With all of these in mind, you’ll be able to push through any barrier or obstacle that comes your way.

To follow Majed on his journey to success, you can reach out to him on his Instagram page.




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