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How To Make Money From Your Blog With Affiliate Marketing



How To Make Money From Your Blog With Affiliate Marketing

There are hundreds of thousands of blogs around the world, but few make good money.

Suppose you want to generate income from blogging, affiliate marketing. It involves promoting products and services through the blog in exchange for a commission for the sales made.

Here we will walk you through what affiliate marketing is and how to start affiliate marketing to make money from your blog.


What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is an agreement between an affiliate and a merchant to use a platform (in this case, your blog) to promote the merchant’s products. The Affiliate Marketer (Blogger) includes an affiliate link that takes the reader or visitor to the merchant’s site to purchase the product or service.

Sellers track sales through affiliate links using the cumulative purchases to compute the respective commissions due to affiliate marketing (bloggers).

  • Seller: The seller can be a large or small company that wants to market a product. For example, an ecommerce merchant might have started a dropshipping business and wants to sell to a new audience via affiliate websites. The seller can approach bloggers with content related to their products to promote their work.
  • Affiliate/Publisher: Affiliate is the person who markets the seller’s product. A blogger acts in this capacity by including an affiliate link on their website. If the consumer buys the product, the affiliate receives a commission. Since partners have a specific audience for whom they promote the works, it’s easy for them to create brands or niches.

The Consumer: The consumer is the primary driver of affiliate marketing programs. Once they buy a product or service is purchased, the seller and the marketing affiliate share the profits.

How To Make Money From Your Blog With Affiliate Marketing


Benefits of Monetizing a Blog through Affiliate Marketing

Now that we’ve defined what affiliate marketing is, it’s essential to know that monetizing your blog has numerous benefits. Here are the five main advantages.

  • Earn a passive income: This is because you get paid for years after the content is created.
  • No customer support required: affiliate marketing programs connect sellers directly to consumers; therefore, no need for customer support.
  • You can work from home: Many bloggers pursue this business because they can work and earn money from home.
  • It’s affordable: Affiliate marketing programs don’t require a lot of capital investment like other businesses.
  • Performance-Based Rewards: Affiliate marketing rewards are performance-based. Sharpening assessment skills and writing compelling blog posts results in increased revenue.


How Affiliate Marketing Works

Here we will break down exactly how to make money from your blog and get started with affiliate marketing step by step.

  • First, the affiliate marketer (blogger) joins the program and is given an ID and URL to promote the merchant’s product. You can use Amazon affiliates, sites like ClickBank, or create a direct relationship with the merchant.
  • Second, the affiliate includes the link in the blog content and invites the reader or visitor to click on it. Once the buyer clicks on the affiliate link, a cookie is set to identify the affiliate site and ensure that the publisher gets the sale when it happens.
  • Third, when the buyer makes a sale, the seller checks the sales records to identify the referral source’s cookie. If the deal is related to the partner ID, the sale will be credited to the partner’s account.

Finally, the trader sends the report to the partner to confirm the referrals. The merchant pays commissions to marketing affiliates at the end of the payout period.


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How to get started with Affiliate Marketing

The easiest way to monetize a blog via affiliate marketing is to sign up with an affiliate program and share reviews/tutorials/experiences with links and banners on your website. This in-depth overview should help you.


1. Identify Your Target Audience

Know your readers and what they are looking for when they visit your website or blog. Find standard features and use them to create content that matches their needs.

Sometimes it isn’t necessary to develop a lot of content; the perfect landing page can direct your visitors to the sales page with the highest conversion. Here are tips to help you get to know your audience:

  • Conduct a survey: A survey with relevant questions should help you determine what your audience is looking for. Plugins and a range of software also help collect this data.
  • Join Discussions: Facebook, online communities like Quora and Reddit, and niche-specific forums should help you better understand your audience’s interest.

Observe the behavior of a visitor: tools like Google Analytics, Crazy Egg, HotJar, etc. are useful when studying the likes, dislikes, models, and other information of readers.

View Reviews and Buyer’s Buying Activity: Customer reviews are also helpful if you want to know popular products that customers are buying and why they are.

How To Make Money From Your Blog With Affiliate Marketing


2. Create quality content

Value is at the forefront of blog monetization. It is not about creating a lot of content but about thorough, referenced, and well-written content. Saving money on content quality will limit your ability to monetize the blog.

Therefore, if you create informative tutorials or posts, be sure to weave them with videos and other resources to help your readers gain value. Keep in mind that Google also assesses the importance of content when ranking search engines. It sums up the amount of content in three characteristics:

  • Relevance: does the blog contain relevant keywords, links, and content
  • Uniqueness: content must be authentic, unwritten, or duplicated
  • Utility: Is the content easy to read? Does it provide value for the visitor?

Quality content also creates credibility with your audience. This is because your audience is sure to find crucial information, for example, about a particular product when they visit your website. For example, blogs with product review posts target people further in their customer buying lifecycle.


3. Choose the Affiliate Product to Promote

While products related to your content are helpful, you are not limited to them alone. Consider other types of products that the public may be interested in.

Plus, don’t fall into the trap of choosing a product based on superficial parameters such as popularity, commission rate, or competitors.

Some products attract considerable buzz for a while before they burn out. Look for evergreen products because they can be sold for years and are more likely to earn you passive income for a long time.

As an ethical blogger, you choose products based on these two factors. The first is the experience of using the product or products that suit your audience well. This approach is useful for new affiliates because it makes it easier to find an affiliate program.

You just need to visit a search engine like Google and enter the affiliate program and the product name. Plus, the products you can access through trials, free samples, or purchase for review make great affiliate products. Typical products used to monetize blogging with affiliate marketing programs include:

  • Digital Downloads: These are online resources that readers can access immediately. They can be video files, eBooks, or links to web pages.



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Vilma Vasquez is a passionate blogger. She loves to share her thoughts, ideas, and experiences with the world through blogging.

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