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Transformify: How To Develop A Marketing Strategy To Expand Globally



Marketing Strategy - Lilia Stoyanov

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Lilia Stoyanov, CEO, Transformify HR Software & Freelance Platform

Trusted by recruiters in 150+ countries, Transformify is an integrated suite comprising of HR Software, Applicant Tracking System (ATS), Employer Branding, Diversity Hiring, Freelance Platform with automated billing and payment transfers.


What are the challenges you met all the way to what you and your business now?

The biggest challenge when designing a go-to-market strategy is to find opportunities that have been overlooked by your competitors, and at the same time, to result in a low cost per customer acquisition (CPA). In my case, these were endless A/B tests to identify which marketing channels are delivering good results and how to leverage them. A/B tests allow validating your strategy without spending too much on inefficient marketing campaigns.


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How did you manage to market your business and compete with other agencies in your niche?

Content marketing is our best performing channel. Creating SEO optimized content that adds value to our readers resulted in targeted traffic that is easy to convert into paying customers. Another advantage is that our HR Blog has a voice of its own that is hard to copy.

Affiliate Marketing is our second best. Often neglected, it’s a powerful tool that provides an optimal cost per client acquisition as you pay only if there is a result. Put simply, third parties promote Transformify via their own marketing channels and get paid a commission only if a sale takes place. It is times more efficient than any other marketing strategy if executed right. To attract affiliates that generate lots of traffic and sales, I offered a lucrative 20% recurring commission. It appears to be a lot, but in fact, it’s the cheapest and most efficient marketing channel as I don’t need to invest in marketing campaigns upfront.


What Best Practices can you share to our startup readers?

Crafting a successful marketing strategy starts with asking yourself the question ”Who are my clients and where can I find them? What online blogs do they read or what organizations are they members of?’

Once you have the answers, it becomes easy to contact these organizations and arrange for marketing campaigns via newsletters to members, banners, sponsored articles, etc. Niche marketing channels perform times better than general channels like social media advertisements via Facebook or Twitter.


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