Medical Record Hacking

Medical Record Hacking and Fraud

Did you know that your personal information can by Medical Record Hacking fraud? In any country, the medical industry is given extreme attention. The nation spends a lot on health care which includes multiple advanced equipment expenses, hospital branches, medicine, free treatments, experienced doctors and staff, and much more. It costs the nation around $68 billion for health care frauds that take place in the medical industry. This amount is 3% of the total nation’s spending on health care annually. A huge loss is estimated from which not only the nation’s economy survives but also the patients whose data was breached and then used for malicious activities.


The hacking is getting common for the purpose of breaching the boundaries of the medical industry, the question is ‘how this hacking is done?’


The medical industries are empowering themselves with digital transformation. This initiative is on one side facilitating the departments to manage their data efficiently, but on the other side, security is lagging. The equipment and devices are connected to the internet and doctors are not tech experts who could realize what is happening in the system. 


Medical Record Hacking and Fraud

The attackers spoof the websites and make them appear as the real website, patients entering their data for transaction or appointment purpose get trapped. Also, they perform cyberattacks on their system, find out the vulnerabilities in the system and enter from some exploited entry points. They break the system and get all the personal information of the patients.


The point to ponder is, why medical data is so attractive for the attackers?


The medical data of the patient includes all the family history, some demographic information, medical history, and insurance information. All this data is enough for the identification of the patient and the attackers to do their work. They might investigate the insurance report and commit any financial or insurance fraud along with some other possible crimes.

The online system of hospitals is prone to several other attacks and the system should be secured with reliable Artificial Intelligence techniques that filter out the trusted and untrusted parties communicating over the network. Security should be implemented for the purpose of preventing credit card fraud in 2019 and avoid all types of online data ruptures.

Fraudsters are more interested in getting the data of teens and children. The reason is that teens and children have a perfect record of credit cards and have not yet been used credit cards. Their social security number can be very helpful for them through which they can do credit card frauds to make fraudulent transactions with fake ids.

It is important for the tech developers to implement all the security checks in the system. As doctors and patients would have to deal with the system and most likely they would have no idea that their system is hacked by some attacker. All the vulnerabilities and entry points in the system should be shielded properly to avoid the risks of greater loss by both the organization and patients.


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