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8 Mistakes First-time Ghostwriters Make: Here is all you need to Know!



8 Mistakes First-time Ghostwriters Make: Here is all you need to Know!

People who write their first book often make mistakes. Many people say that you have to have experience or a training course before ghostwriting something for someone, but it doesn’t have to be so. If you know the worst pitfalls in novel writing, you can avoid these problems. The article is intended to equip and orientate first-time authors with relevant writing rules for dealing with classic mistakes, such as the book idea, character development, and even cover design. You should know these eight mistakes 0f first-time ghostwriters make highlighted by Writing Avenue before you start writing your first novel! This is how you find your way around the literary maze.


1. Follow trends

Your novel is guaranteed to be a real success because you are writing about a particularly trendy topic. Relatable books are currently a real hit on the book market. But be careful when choosing a topic, because you could make the first mistake here before writing a line. It is never advisable to follow trends. What is still completely in with the readers today may be a cold coffee tomorrow. Can you anticipate how the book market will develop once your novel is finished?

There should be authors who choose the idea for their book not based on interest, but rather according to the criterion “sales success.” It’s also essential to think about that too. But it is always advisable to write about a topic that suits you. This is the only way you stand behind your novel, and writing is also fun.


2. Genre mix

In which genre do you write your book? Is it fantasy or maybe a thriller? Or are you working on a historical novel? Perhaps you’re not that sure about the genre at all. Or you have consciously decided on a genre mix. You’re writing a romance novel with science fiction. A historical thriller would also be conceivable. A lot is possible in literary terms, and there are excellent and successful examples for every genre mix.

Although there are many successful novels in the mixed-genre field in literature, the genre mix is ​​considered a mistake in book writing for first-time authors. Decide on a dominant genre and thus also on a target group for your book. It makes sense to make this decision as early as possible, ideally when your novel is still in its early stages.


3. Too little and too much research

Research is part of every book. You shouldn’t fall into extremes here. Fictional book writers tend to do less research, and this is a mistake when writing a book. Although “your fantasy world works according to your rules,” the world has to be credible for the reader. Orient at least roughly on historical models and that includes research. Or maybe you think the reader won’t notice inaccuracies in your book at all. Among your readers, there will be at least one expert who is familiar with the topic of your novel (e.g., detective work) and who is extremely picky. Such readers, in particular, like to criticize “insufficient research” in reviews on Amazon.

The other extreme is also a mistake when you are writing a book. Excessive research often doesn’t add any value to your novel and just eats uptime. You probably won’t learn much more about your story in the 6th or 7th book in the Victorian Age. Writers with a penchant for perfectionism, in particular, tend to do too much research. 


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4. Passive character

There are writing guides that cite a passive character as the biggest mistake in writing a book. A passive role is ultimately a weak protagonist. It doesn’t deserve the reader’s interest. But what do you mean by a vulnerable protagonist? A passive character in your book does not advance the plot, things happen by chance or are triggered by other aspects. But who is actually the lead in your book and should drive the story?


5. Design your own cover

The cover plays an important role. If your novel’s front does not convince the reader or if it even looks unprofessional, the book will not sell. With the first book, in particular, many authors make a mistake and do not attach great importance to the cover. Take a self-made photo or drawing for the front of the book. There are a few basic rules to be observed when designing the cover. Your cover should still be easily recognizable in a small view in an online shop. Can the interested reader clearly see the title and subtitle of your novel in the thumbnail picture? Have you decided on a dull-colored cover? Then your book will not look appealing to the buyer against the white background of an online shop. How do you have picture elements title and author name combined? Here, mistakes lurk everywhere when designing book covers.


6. Weak plot

The plot of the story is the most essential factor. Many times the ghostwriters go far away while writing, and the plot gets unclear. Readers will stay glued to your account if you make a strong plot and stick to it.


7. Negative lead character 

The main lead can make or break the book. A negative character CANNOT be the lead of your book. It is not about a perfect figure in your novel who overcomes all obstacles without problems. The role may have weaknesses and self-doubts, but they face the conflict and move the plot forward in your book. An excellent example of an action hero is Frodo from the Lord of the Rings. Simply walking to Mordor as a little hobbit is certainly no small feat. But he takes on the task and drives it forward with high energy (thus also the action).


8. Miscommunication with the clients

When you are a ghostwriter, making sure your views align with the client’s beliefs, is everything. Ensure you both are on the same page while keeping the story’s plot, structure, characters, climax, and cover in mind.


Ghostwriters and authors alike make these mistakes, be careful, and your book might end up becoming a best seller. 

Still thinking about how ghostwriting can be mastered? Drop us a line at the writing avenue and hire skilled writing expertise.



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