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Top 10 Mistakes To Avoid As An Influencer or Blogger



Top 10 Mistakes To Avoid As An Influencer or Blogger

Are you one of the influencers or passionate bloggers who observe that you are losing your followers on Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube and looking for probable answers to why this is happening? Great you have come to the right place. In this article, we are going to reveal some of the common mistakes performed by influencers or bloggers.

If you are an aspiring blogger, you must be aware of the updated internet rules. The internet has become a market place for everybody who wants to express their interests and opinions. It is an open place for marketers and advertisers. If you are trying to promote your brand, the internet is a perfect choice, as it is cost-effective and vast at the same point in time.

Along with the booming social media platforms, influencer marketing has become the next big thing. It is one of the most approachable methods of promoting your business because the micro-level influencers can shift the mindset of a community.

If you are an influencer, you know the importance and growing demand for influencer marketing. The customers and viewers have become very choosy; they don’t make purchasing decisions easier. Do you know more than 74% customer’s buying decision is influenced by the influencers?


Here our team has highlighted a few common mistakes made by the bloggers and influencers, and also how you can resolve them with helpful tips.

Post too often

One of the social media rules is to post regularly in order to engage with your followers. But posting too many updates in fewer intervals may end up boring your followers. If you purposefully force your followers to see your posts by flooding their feed with your content, they may get annoyed. If you repeatedly do so, they may unfollow you out of irritation.

Give your audience a breathing space so that they can digest your existing content on your page. Give them the proper time to understand what you are doing and why you are doing, don’t make them confused.


Not posting regularly

Like posting too often, if you post after a long interval, your audience may start forgetting you because it acts as like – out of sight, out of mind. It may drastically reduce the visibility of your blog or feed.

If your followers notice you are not posting anything for more than a couple of weeks, they may unfollow you. If you are an influencer, this can diminish your influencing power. So, maintaining the right balance is necessary to increase your post values along with your followers.

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Neglecting Your Niche

Every blogger or influencer should understand their niche; it can be beauty, fashion, health, fitness, travel or anything else. If you do everything at a time, your viewers will get confused regarding your posts.

Your blog must be based on a particular niche or theme. Choosing a broad theme is not as harmful as long as your viewers can recognize your interests. If your interest shifts too often, it will create a void area in your blogging style or in your feed, and it is not good if you wish to get growing popularity.


Poor content

If you upload poor content that has nothing to do with your viewers, then you may lose your popularity as an influencer. Always try to keep the freshness and originality of your content, that should be your main mantra of being a prevalent blogger.

Try to produce brand-centric content, instead of uploading meaningless content. You can widen your audience by producing engaging content; similarly, you may lose your followers with your poor content. Post something that pleases your audience, something with which they feel attached.


Lack of engaging tone

Whenever you are posting something on your feed or on the blogging site, try to maintain a conversive tone. Write as you talk! Do not use too complicated language so that it will fail to communicate with your viewers.

Try to maintain a clear and interesting idea throughout your posts. If you are getting out of ideas, search the internet, and invest some time to generate fresh ideas. Take reference from other influencers but do not produce the same content; don’t underestimate your audience; they know what you are trying to portrait. So, always try to please them with your content so that they can talk about you with others.


Lack of hashtags

If you are on Instagram, you must know the importance of the hashtags. Do not upload any content without the hashtags; it will help your profile to give more visibility. Let your profile be searchable through the hashtags.

You can generate your own hashtags, no harm in that. Studies show that you will get 12.9% more engagement with hashtags. Around 95 million photos are posted on Instagram every day; if you use hashtags, you will allow your photos to crawl the search button, the hashtags will help your post to get discovered.


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Boring tonality

As we mentioned before, don’t irritate your audience through your visual content, let them mesmerize with it. Maintain an exciting tonality throughout your post. Ask them exciting questions, so that they can answer them in your post as a comment. It will enhance the engaging activity of your post.


Lack of showing your personality

Try to express your personality through your posts; if your audience fails to understand you through your profile, they may stop following you. If they find something interesting in your profile it will keep them coming to your profile.

Tell them what you like, what you think about a particular thing, share your point of view. Don’t always expect to be praised, sometime you may face criticism, try to handle them with confidence. Don’t go for personal attack; it’s not a sign of a good influencer or a blogger. Be optimistic and creative!


Lack of audience understanding

The way you want your audience to understand you, you need to do the same for your audience. You don’t have to visit each and every profile to understand them, just try to understand them by reading their comments on your profile. If possible, interact with some of them personally, though this is not mandatory.

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Copying other’s ideas

If you are an aspiring blogger or influencer, one thing you must avoid doing on social media platforms is duplicating your content. Don’t get into the plagiarism issue. Your audience is not only your audience, but they are also observing other contemporary influencers as well. If you produce the same kind of content like others you may start losing your audience. It may also pose a negative influence on your audience.

The mistakes mentioned above are some of the most common mistakes that can be done by a blogger or influencer. It is impossible to keep pace with the rapidly changing logarithm of social media platforms. If you want to grow as an influencer avoid performing any of the mistakes as it may hamper your social reputation. If you continue making these mistakes brands will think twice before approaching you for campaigns. So, go slow and be consistent, don’t push too much on posting anything, let it go with the natural flow of social media.



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Tristan Taylor is a freelance content writer and writing content on various niche and for various websites like education, technology, photography e.t.c. He keeps himself updated with the current trends and techniques of content writing. Tristan is a per time photographer and associated with various photography workshops and seminars.

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