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6 Most Popular Mobile Application Monetization Approach



6 Most Popular Mobile Application Monetization Approach

From the launch of smartphones, the mobile app market has expanded quickly than in other sectors. Currently, every adult and youth own a smartphone that they use on a daily basis to accomplish different activities like shopping, socializing, and a lot more. You might be surprised to know that free apps are more profitable than paid apps.

Therefore, in this post, we are going to talk about several effective ways to monetize free apps. So if you want to make more money from free apps than from a paid app so ensure to reveal the approaches shared in this document. Here is how you can bring in hundreds of thousands of dollars via free mobile applications.

Add Advertise in Your Mobile App

Believe it or not, showcasing third party ads is the major source of revenue for app developers. From a recent statistic, it is revealed that the great proportion of free apps depends on the advertisement to generate revenue. You too could generate a hefty amount of revenue by using the following types of ad revenue:

  • CPM: Cost per Thousand Impression
  • CPC: Cost per Click
  • CPA: Cost per Action

CPM is the most popular method of revenue generation among free app developers as it doesn’t require the user to click on ads for the application profitability. Moreover, you could also opt for other methods such as Google Ads, InMobi, and AdMob.


In-App Purchases

Many developers don’t like to show ads in their apps, and they prefer to generate revenue through in-app purchases. They offer in-app purchases functionalities like premium account, in-app currency, and a lot more. In-app purchases are the direct source of revenue within the app industry. According to a recent survey report, in-app purchases make more than 40 percent of the total revenue generated from apps stores like play store and apple store.

So, if you want to earn revenue from direct sales and downloads, rather than ads so you must consider the cheap app developers. If not, you will miss one of the best things you can do for your profit growth.


Affiliate Programs

A large number of renowned companies such as Apple, Google, and Microsoft, have affiliate programs that are a great source of earning for app developers. These affiliate programs offer commissions as well as partnerships opportunities to app developers to choose from a vast array of apps.

The affiliate program is recommended to you if you want to earn easy commissions by promoting popular apps on your mobile application. Else you will miss a great opportunity to earn recurring commissions.




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Leverage Sponsorships

When it comes to monetizing mobile apps, sponsorship is the right choice to turn your app into a successful business. For this, you will need to approach investors that allow you to market their specific products. It is observed that collaboration with the brand app or business is an effective way to bring additional revenue for your project.

Ensure to interact with the cheap app developers, to quickly promote brands and business from your app to ultimately increase your app sales revenue. There are a lot of money app sponsors that you could choose for investment opportunities.


Paid Downloads

This is another popular method to generate revenue from each time a user downloads your app. The paid download requires an upfront fee when a user downloads your app from your preferred app store. In other words, the more your app worth, the more you earn from paid downloads option.

Try to set prices that are comparatively less than your competitor so you can start making money without any hassle. Do remember when users pay for an app, they don’t want to see free ads and other monetized content.


Native Ads

Native advertising is a famous monetizing method to make money by an app. This is because these add not distract users, instead of enhancing their experience. They are consisting of standard content within the app, to entertain users more naturally. By considering this you will not only enhance your revenue but also maximize user experience.

Thus if you are looking for a user-friendly mobile advertising option then the cheap app developers are the right choice. Otherwise, cheap advertisement methods would not only annoy users but also move them to your rival’s mobile applications.

In summary, it could be concluded now that the above information is appropriate for people who want to learn the most effective ways to monetize their mobile apps.



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