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How to Motivate Your Employees to Keep Track of Their Time?

Puneet Sharma



How to Motivate Your Employees to Keep Track of Their Time?

You own a business and have a team of employees working hard to meet the demands of the company as they bring food to your tables… good for you! Not only is he in business for profit, but he is also an employer, and many mouths depend on you and your company.

However, it’s also a bit unfortunate that not all of your employees spend their time at work as they’re supposed to. A good number of them can spend over an hour at work a day chatting about the events of the past weekend, gossiping about their colleagues, socializing on social media, or who knows… playing their favorite video games online.

To start on the right foot, time is precious, time is money, and time is of the essence. Even a sixth-grader can attest that when time is mismanaged, problems generally arise. The way your employees spend and manage their time at work can make or break your business. Well, although some of the most common causes of poor time management by employees may include distractions, stress, disability, unpleasant tasks, lack of day planning, and personal challenges, technological distractions (especially social media and the internet) are the largest today. Time management challenges in terms of time management in the workplace.

How to Motivate Your Employees to Keep Track of Their Time?

But hey, don’t blame the technology yet, because there is a solution for this, and if you got it right, the “technology” itself is part of the solution. It’s about creating a way through which employees can feel motivated to keep track of their time. But then again, doing it manually can be a pain in the neck for most employees. So how exactly can you motivate your employees to keep track of their time? Here are some tips you want to read to learn how to do this.


1. Easy to Use Timesheets

Timesheets, as you can see by the name, are tools that tools use to record and track how much time employees spend on the job, what they’re doing, and how much is important to the business. With better timesheet, companies can also track a wide range of time-related issues, including labor costs, overtime costs, downtime costs, and even individual contributions. Choosing an easy-to-use timesheet is one way to motivate your employees to keep track of their time.


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2. Let Them Learn Time Tracking Benefits

Even with a great timesheet solution, you may still not be able to keep track of every employee to make sure they fill out their timesheets accordingly. Some may even be tempted to cheat by submitting their time records if strict measures are applied. However, it can be much easier if your employees understand the benefits of time tracking and why they should always complete their timesheets.

After all, employee productivity will largely depend on their management approaches. Rather than being too tough about it, it’s worth training your employees on what’s in it for them, the company, and their customers if they keep good track of their time and manage time appropriately. While you may also need to hire an outside coach for this, open and free communication will also go a long way in igniting the spirit of time tracking among your employees.


3. Provide Clear Guidelines

Let’s be honest, some people, especially new staff, just don’t know how to do it. Before adopting a free time tracking tool, it is imperative to understand how it works inside and out, all the way. If you prefer to focus on more important tasks, you can also assign the task to one of your IT or administration staff to lead the respective teams through the guidelines on how the timesheet works.


4. Share Time Tracking Reports

Well, meetings aren’t everyone’s cup of tea in the office, but they sure go a long way in changing things related to productivity. Alternatively, you could share time tracking reports with your team of employees displaying the data on the office TV screen, or perhaps a group chat and other avenues so that each staff member can see how they compare to their colleagues.

While you’re not exactly trying to create a spirit of competition, at least not outright, this can be a wake-up call for the underperforming and can get them looking for ways to improve their game. However, be sure not to use the data to embarrass anyone publicly, as this can be catastrophic for your business if you have the support of the rest of your employees.

How to Motivate Your Employees to Keep Track of Their Time


5. Reward Employees for Accurate Tracking

Rewards have a way of instilling the right kind of behavior in people. Psychologists often refer to it as positive reinforcement, which involves rewarding someone for displaying specific desired behavior. The good news is that they are more likely to want to show the same behavior in the future, or even better. While you may not have funds available to provide bonuses to employees who accurately track their time, offers like a day or two of rest, trophies, shopping coupons, event tickets, and small gifts could be the trick.


6. Find Feedback and Follow Up

Nothing is more beneficial for a company than comments, not only for customers but also for employees. If you adopt a time tracking solution like timesheets, you may also want to regularly ask for feedback from employees on how they are finding you. No system is perfect, and requesting feedback can help identify issues that can be fixed to improve systems, which in turn could motivate your staff to adopt a time-tracking routine. Plus, it’s also a way of showing your employees that their opinions count and are valuable to the organization.


Every second your employee spend absent, or on tasks other than their assigned duties, this affects their earnings. Poor time management by staff can be a major obstacle to the growth of any business. And even if you implement the best protocol or time tracking systems, there are challenges that you will always have to face or face. One way to do this is to motivate your employees to keep track of their time, and the tips above can help you do just that.



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