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Meet the Agency Helping Independent Artists Take Over the Music Industry: De Novo Agency

Chukwuma Agugbue



Meet the Agency Helping Independent Artists Take Over the Music Industry: De Novo Agency

If you’ve ever thought about turning your passion for music into a reality, odds are you have struggled to find an agency that would genuinely help. Let me introduce you all to De Novo Agency, founded in 2017 by entertainment attorney, James Landry, and musician turned marketer, Elliot Tousley. The company’s core mission is based on securing and protecting independent artists while growing their artistic platforms. The agency utilizes data-driven marketing to generate organic results that will help their clients turn their music hobby into the real music business. 


Today’s Dreams become Tomorrow’s Realities 

De Novo Agency is blazing a path for independent artists to find their true capabilities and build a thriving business around their passion for music. The team at De Novo has partnered with musicians of every level, and by giving each client the resources to succeed, their clients have seen increased business opportunities from the data-driven marketing campaigns on top of sizable growth across the board.  

After completely revolutionizing an industry that was once monopolized by constricting record labels, De Novo Agency has centered around Spotify as their platform of choice. Since they started, the team at De Novo has partnered with multiple independent playlist curators on Spotify, who operate hundreds of targeted playlists. By leveraging these playlist placements, De Novo Agency can help musicians reach an audience, gather unique data and demographics, and create a target audience of similar fans to market their music to. Once this process is done, they can capitalize on business opportunities by leveraging the metrics gathered. De Novo has made it very evident that it does not matter what stage of your career you are in, whether you are releasing your first single or pinning down your first record deal, they want to see you win. 



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The De Novo Agency Difference

When you size De Novo Agency up with every similar business in the space, you come to a very logical conclusion. De Novo Agency has seen success by being completely transparent and by doing what they say they will for their client’s careers. 

When it comes to transparency in the music industry, De Novo Agency does become that light at the end of the tunnel for a lot of aspiring artists. They understand the concerns you are facing, no matter what level you are at, especially regarding Spotify. So their ability to address the concerns head-on and give real-life guidance to their clients have put De Novo in a great position to amplify their results. 

The team at De Novo has put together a community of musicians far better equipped for the music industry with their program. They have helped hundreds of independent artists understand their target market and generate real streams of revenue. By producing great results for independent artists such as millions of streams, and building their understanding of the business dynamics with their music, they can confidently stand behind their company. 


Takeaways Interviewing De Novo Agency

De Novo Agency is an innovative business focused on helping independent artists make money through multiple platforms and streams of revenue using data-driven marketing. They have structured programs that can cut the learning curves for an artist at any level, and with their years of music industry expertise, the team is ready to take you to the next level. 

If you’re wondering if you’re a good fit for De Novo Agency; the following steps will help you out: 

First, they put themselves out there a lot, so first check out their content and see if their perspective resonates with you

Second, download their free toolkit and see what types of insight and tricks we might be able to provide you with

Third, talk to their client base of over 300 satisfied musicians and see what they have to say about their program



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