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4 Lessons That Can Be Learned From the Life of Mykola Udianskyi



4 Lessons That Can Be Learned From the Life of Mykola Udianskyi

Before focusing on the lessons that the life of Dr. Mykola Udianskyi can teach, let’s take a quick look at his story. Udianskyi is a Ukrainian born in 1983, a man with many qualifications at the age of 37.

Mykola Udianskyi fulfilled his conscript service in the Armed Forces of Ukraine under the Special Forces of Radiation, Chemical, and Biological Intelligence (RCB) in 2003, after high school. He graduated with a degree in Highways and Airfields in 2009 from Kharkiv National Automobile and Highway University.

Mykola graduated from Kharkiv National University of Internal Affairs in Law and Cyber Security in 2019. He defended his Ph.D. in Law on Administrative and Legal Principles of Law Enforcement Cooperation in the Sphere of Corruption in June 2019, earning him his Doctor title.

After his conscript service, in 2003, Mykola was the commercial director of Olivin Trading House in Kharkiv until 2006. Afterward, he was involved in the production and distribution of trading terminals until 2014.

During this time, in 2013, he founded a company that develops cryptocurrency exchanges and blockchain IT products called Prof-It. He founded Assur Insurance Company in 2014 and also established cryptocurrency exchange. Udianskyi sold his stake in Coinsbit withdrawing from it in December 2019 while simultaneously creating an international marketing and PR company PRMR.

Prof-It, founded by Mykola, created a Bitcoin fork called Bitcoin Ultimatum with the support of the cryptocurrency exchange in February 2020.

Udianskyi founded the first IT settlement for programmers, and IT specialists in Kharkiv called EVO country club. Mykola is popularly known as the creator of the bitcoin fork “Bitcoin Ultimatum.”

Below are four lessons that are worth highlighting in Mykola’s biography.


1. Identify Assets and Make Efforts to Retain Them

“Mykola said very talented professionals and developers are trained in Ukraine, but they find more favorable living and working conditions abroad.”

This need made him and his friend join hands to create a space that meets the ideal conditions for working, developing, and living for IT professionals; because, loss of these adept professionals meant a loss of assets in the IT direction for Ukraine.

The lesson here is that Udianskyi Identified the skills of these IT professionals as an asset and decided to make sure they were comfortable in Ukraine to avoid brain drain.


2. Promote the Value of Your Product

With the fall in oil prices to negative values for the first time in March 2020, many people steered in the direction of gold as a haven, which in turn led to an increase in the price of gold.

“Mykola said Bitcoins demonstrate high profitability and low volatility and are a major asset that should be on every prominent investor’s portfolio.”

In this statement, he noted the value of Bitcoins and promoted it, and this is a lesson every business person needs to learn.


3. Determination and Effort can Change the World.

“Udianskyi said he is a testimonial that everything you put effort into can change the world over time.”

From the number of companies Mykola started to meet people’s needs, he has had to work hard at getting to where he has come. He is currently reaching the world in different areas, proving that his dedication to his work and efforts were worth it.


4. Focus on the Needs of People

Not focusing on getting rich quick but on the needs of the people is the very core of Mykola’s exponential business growth.

In meeting people’s needs, he could earn with purpose and grow to the point where we are noting lessons from his life while he is alive.

People like Udianskyi are businessmen that are hard to come by, and they live exemplary lives that are a lesson, not only the business sector but also to everyone trying to grow in their daily life. He did not do anything too extravagant; he was only a persistent and determined man that achieved great things.


If you would like to find out more about Mykola Udianskyi, you can follow him on Instagram Instagram @ud30.



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