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Reasons Why Businesses Should Implement Online Age Verification Checks



Reasons why businesses should implement online age verification checks

With the advent of technology, businesses are entering the digital age, shifting their most of operations online. The internet is full of diverse content about every little thing. The only difference is what is right and legal for one entity may be restricted for another one; still, people are accessing it. The same is the case with the children of this era. With the expansion of mobiles and the rise in social media platforms, almost every child has access to the internet and the content on it.

Children’s exposure to mobile devices has exposed them to the dark side of the web. They can access anything online without any restrictions or checks. Over the past few years, many studies have highlighted the bad impact of social media on children. The direct presence of the children on the internet has raised critical concerns for both parents and businesses. Many incidents regarding children accessing age-restricted content and products online. For example, buying alcohol, e-cigarettes online, accessing gaming and gambling sites and other mature content. 

The increased number of such incidents provides insight about businesses’ inability to verify the age of customers before allowing them access. This drives the need for online age and addresses verification for online businesses.

Here are a few reasons why businesses should incorporate age verification services

Here are a few reasons why businesses should incorporate age verification services

Identity Verification

Online platforms are opening new opportunities for fraudsters to fulfill their malicious intent. What they do is they do not disclose their true identity and try to access online platforms using someone else’s identity through identity theft, which sometimes includes children’s information as well. Age verification checks can prove to be an effective way to know real customers because these services rely on an individual’s identity documents to confirm the age of a person. Apart from extracting age, the verification services firstly validate and verify the identity document that enables that combats identity thieves in real-time.


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Minors Protection Online

The protection of minors in the digital sphere is a crucial concern these days. Gone are the days when monitoring their children’s’ activities was solely the responsibility of parents. With the evolution of the digital industry, businesses are now at the same level as parents in protecting minors from accessing age-restricted content. Today, a huge number of children are present on various social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and not to forget multiple different dating sites that have opened pathways for psychopaths and pedophiles to take advantage of children online.

The presence of children on such platforms needs to be hindered. By incorporating the age verification services, online businesses can put in place tight checks to verify the age of their customers and only allow users to create accounts that are meeting defined age-threshold. The same thing goes for online gamblers and retailers. Before onboarding or at the time of checkout, they can ask the customers to verify their age first so that children can be prevented from purchasing age-restricted items or indulging in adult activities.

Reasons Why Businesses Should Implement Online Age Verification Checks

Complying With Laws

Taking into account the online child abuse cases and unsolicited purchases, governments are stepping up and involving regulatory authorities to take necessary measures. For minor protection and deterring the purchase and access of age-restricted products and sites, regulations are being introduced that have made age checks obligatory for every online business dealing with mature content and services. In case of failure to do so, a business may have to face strict legal penalties. Since traditional-age verification checks rely on the user’s honesty, they are no more suitable. The AI-powered digital age verification services are efficient enough to replace traditional checks and verify the age of users in real-time.




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