6 Personalised Gift Wrapping Ideas for a Merrier Christmas

6 Personalised Gift Wrapping Ideas for a Merrier Christmas

You finally found the perfect presents for your dears this Christmas but the wrapper seems to have no zing at all. But don’t fret because you still have a long way before December and we got you covered on this! 

Gift giving is no doubt the best way to share the love on Yuletide season. And I bet seeing the joy on your loved ones’ faces as soon as you give them a present is probably the most rewarding part of gift-giving. But we think there’s a better way to express your thoughtfulness more than handing the gift itself. Have you ever thought of wrapping your presents with something you craft with your own hands? Yes, we are actually encouraging every gifter to ditch store-bought papers and start creating their own wrappers this year. 

Aside from they’re practical and easy to make, personalising your gift wraps can make a more memorable present knowing that your personally tailor them for your loved ones. Also, knowing how much effort you put in making the wrappers may urge the receivers to keep them for a long time rather than throwing the gift wraps away. 


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To give you some idea, we gathered the most creative gift wrapping ideas that you can tailor on your presents.   

6 Personalised Gift Wrapping Ideas for a Merrier ChristmasRecycle with style. 

Take advantage of stores that provide seasonal paper bags. Instead of throwing them away, we suggest that you keep them for a better purpose. You can actually make personalized gift wrappers out of used paper bags. Choose a store bag with Christmas layouts and try to add some complimentary ribbons and tags to add charm. This way, you’re not just saving your pennies from purchasing a new wrapper but you also save the environment by reusing these papers.       


6 Personalised Gift Wrapping Ideas for a Merrier ChristmasCreate personalized tags. 

Handmade tags do not only jazz up any present but also create a personal touch that builds a stronger bond between you and your recipients. Create personalized tags to spruce up a plainly-wrapped present. You can engrave the recipient’s name on the tag and add some humorous messages like “Do not open until Christmas Day.”, for example. 

6 Personalised Gift Wrapping Ideas for a Merrier ChristmasBuild a Christmas character.

Instead of giving multiple gifts separately, you can just combine them in one single wrapping without breaking the vision that you are giving them not just one but multiple gifts this Christmas. Box each gift separately: a stuffed toy in the largest box, a personalized stubby holder in the medium one, and a toy car in the smallest, for example. Decorate each box and pack them in layers following an image of a Christmas character whether it be a snowman, a Christmas elf, a reindeer, or Santa. 


6 Personalised Gift Wrapping Ideas for a Merrier ChristmasUse natural elements. 

Natural elements make the best compliment for plain, brown gift wraps. You can pick some greeneries and pine nuts outside to top on your gifts ‒ fast and free! You can add some jingle bells all the way to add more creativity and jingly sounds.  


6 Personalised Gift Wrapping Ideas for a Merrier ChristmasMake it 3D. 

Wrapping with 3D effects creates an interactive appeal for your gifts. You can top your wrapping with anything that has something to do with Christmas. You can also make it more fun and playful, especially if presents are for the kids. You can top their tiny toy cars, candy bars, or anything else you find interactive. 


6 Personalised Gift Wrapping Ideas for a Merrier ChristmasChalk-board Wrapping 

A chalk-board effect is fun and creative. You can easily achieve this idea by layering a white marker on a plain black wrapping paper. Design creatively. You can draw some Christmas elements or write a message in calligraphy style. Adding ribbons can jazz up the entire package.  


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