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Planning a Team-Building Day Everyone Can Look Forward To



Planning a Team-Building Day Everyone Can Look Forward To

Team-building days are often looked on either as fantastic opportunities to bond or with dread. No matter how close your team is, getting them to participate in a team-building day can be a lot of fun if you plan it correctly. Here are some of the ways to plan a team-building day that everyone can look forward to.

Put a Reward at the End

No matter what activities you have planned throughout the day, throwing in a slap-up meal at the end of it all is incredibly important. Everyone loves a good meal and it can be something for everyone to look forward to, even if they have not enjoyed the other activities of the day.

There are so many delicious meals you could opt for. However, with work friends, it might be more sensible to opt for something that will be enjoyable for all. This might not be the time to force everyone to try some crazy new dish or restaurants. Go with a classic choice that you can be certain everyone will love. Whether it is a cheap and cheerful old favorite, or something more extravagant, you can be sure that it will be a great choice for your co-workers.

Choose Something Competitive

The best way to get people invested in a team-building day is to introduce some competitive aspects. This could come in many different forms. It is always best to remember how interpersonal relationships are within the office. If two departments are well-known for their feud, deciding to pit them against one another in the name of team-building might not be the best idea.

However, there are still plenty of ways you could incorporate low-energy competitive games into a team-building day that is unlikely to cause too much friction the next day. For example, why not set up some treasure hunts? These could be a brilliant way to engage your colleagues positively and have them work towards something fun and exciting. There are so many possibilities you could undertake with a treasure hunt. Whether it is just around the office, or you are heading out to do something further afield, there are plenty of opportunities to be had.



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Introduce a Theme

Though you are aiming for a chance to unwind and have some fun, you also need to make sure that you are using the team-building day to your fullest advantage. Some people like to introduce a theme or a message that they want to incorporate throughout the day.

This is great as it encourages your employees to look at personal development throughout the day. A team-building day should be for more than just destressing and having a laugh outside of the office environment. There should be a focus to the day in some way. You could schedule activities focused around it. For example, if you want to destress a little, why not consider all going for a yoga class together? There are many instructors who put together specific corporate events that could be used to help you all relax and get to know certain techniques that could help you all chill out.

Take Co-workers’ Ideas Onboard

Nothing is worse than someone laying down the law and planning a precise itinerary that must be followed no matter what. If you are planning a team-building day, you need to take everyone’s ideas onboard. You never know when someone might be able to come up with an idea that is far better than what you have suggested.

You also need to take other people’s preferences on board. For example, if you are a fitness fanatic, you might be tempted by the idea of an obstacle course. However, anyone on your team who does not share the same passions as you might not be best pleased when they find out what you have planned. It is always better to find something where everyone can come together on equal footing. Why not consider something new that no-one has tried before? This might be a great way to put together a day that you can be certain everyone is going to at least put their all into.

Plan Well

A team-building day is not something to undertake lightly. You need to make sure that you are always searching for something that will always appeal to your co-workers to create an environment that they are happy to participate in. Team-building days can be looked on with dread for several reasons. 

When trying to come up with one for your team, planning is going to be a key part of it. It will be incredibly difficult to come up with something that everyone can enjoy, but it is also not impossible. Start planning the perfect team-building that you know everyone on your team will enjoy today.



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