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Portable Electric Room Heater Buying Guide 2020



Portable Electric Room Heater Buying Guide 2020

When the temperature drops down and your home gives you chills, you will require a cozy and warm experience for your home. The appliance that ensures the sound and warm sleep at nights in the freezing winters. Get an electric portable room heater to your home to experience the comforts and relaxation in the winter season.

No matter you are having a kid in your home or an old age couple, the electric room heater suits every family size and condition perfectly.

Electric Room Heater Buying Guide 2020

However, this amazing appliance may not be easy to buy- thanks to the hundreds of brands prevailing in the market. Don’t worry! We will take you out of this trouble. We have mentioned the room heater buying guide for you that will help you to make the right decision for your loved ones. Have a look.

Types of Room Heater

The foremost thing to consider while going for the best room heater for winter shopping is the type of room heater you require. Basically, there are three types of room heaters available in the market

  • Fan Heaters
  • Infrared Heaters
  • Oil Filled Room Heaters

Fan Heaters

The first category is the fan heaters. These heaters are ideally convenient for the larger rooms as they quickly heat up the larger space in a short span of time. These heaters are safe to touch as they have ceramic coils that heat up the hot air all around. Also, it comprises a fan that blows the hot air and maintains the correct temperature in the room.

Infrared Heaters

Alike the campfire, this infrared heater provides heat to the places close to it. Comparatively, it is the cheapest heater so far. This is an ideal choice for small rooms or for a single individual. Also, it heats up quickly and consumes less power.

Oil Filled Room Heaters

These are the best heaters because of their amazing features and functionalities. This type of room heater provides the heat for a long time even after the heater is turned off. These heaters consume less electricity and results in energy saving bills. Unlike the other room heaters,  the oil-filled room heaters are the best room heater for winter as they neither burn the oxygen nor reduce the humidity. Thus, it is the ideal choice for born babies.

Child Safety

Portable Electric Room Heater Buying Guide 2020

Having a kid in your home? If you are having a kid in your home don’t go for the infrared electric room heater. The element of infrared gets very hot turning the coil into the red color. Thus, it is very risky and dangerous to touch. The kids can accidentally touch the element and it will lead to the skin burning. So, make sure you choose the perfect match for your home from the other two types of room heater.



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High Efficiency

Portable Electric Room Heater Buying Guide 2020

Electricity consumption of any of the best room heater in India depends upon the wattage specifications. Higher power consumption higher will be the wattage of the appliance. Infrared room heaters consume around 700 to 1200 wattage. The fan heater consumes 2000 wattage. But the best power consumption is 1000 watts by the oil-filled room heater. Even it delivers heat for a long period of time without consuming much energy.

Time to heat

Portable Electric Room Heater Buying Guide 2020

It may be frustrating sometimes if the room heater takes a long time to warm your room. Therefore, the Radiant and Fan room heater are good at providing instant warmth to the rooms. On the other hand, the oil-filled room heater takes a lot of time to warm the room and thus, makes you feel irritating some times.

Noise Level

Portable Electric Room Heater Buying Guide 2020

The best appliances are the ones that don’t cause noise at the time of operating. In a room heater, the noise depends on the type of technology involved. Out of the three types, the radiant type and the oil-filled room heaters don’t make any noise. Ceramic heaters make little noise due to the fan involved in it.

Humidity and Oxygen Levels

The room heaters burn the oxygen level to heat the room. The radiance and oil-filled room heater work on the same principle. While the fan heaters eliminate the burning of oxygen content from the air. In a fan heater, the air is pushed on the coil and transforms it into the hot air.

Note: Due to the decreased level of humidity, if you are feeling the dry eyes and nasal blockage, keep a bucket full of water in the corner of the room. Even you can get a humidifier to your home if the problem continues.


At the time of traveling, there might be a situation where you need to expect a heater near you. In this case, you can carry your room heater if it is compact and portable. Smaller size heaters are easily portable. So, go for the radiant and ceramic room heaters as the oil-filled room heater is a bit heavy and difficult to move.


“Prevention is better than cure”

Safety is the foremost concern of an individual. In recent times, there are many accidents occurred because of the room heater. So, it is important to get a safe appliance for your home. Be it the surface heat of the appliance or the length of the cord, everything should be considered while buying the best room heater for winter.

The heater must have a minimum of 3 feet long cord. However, at the time of overheating, the appliance should have the auto-shutoff functionality.

Allergic Patients

If you are an allergic or asthma patient, don’t go for any gas room heater. The gas room heater results in the fumes that are not at all safe for an allergic patient. However, all three types of electric room heater are safe to use.

Control Panel

Room heaters that come with an automatic shut off systems are always preferable. It cuts off the power supply at the time of the overheated appliances. Also, there are room heaters that offer a wide range of controls. It includes a timer that sets the heater to turn on/off at the selected time.

Wrapping Up

These are some of the factors that should not be ignored while making the right decision for your room heater. There is a wide range of best room heater in India available, so make your choice wisely and smartly. Want to know more about the best room heater for winter with the in-depth facts, visit K2 Appliances.

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