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Top 5 Ways to Increase Productivity at Your Manufacturing Facility



Top 5 Ways to Increase Productivity at Your Manufacturing Facility

Boosting productivity is crucial to enhancing profits and remaining competitive in the market regardless of the size of your business. Productivity at your manufacturing unit depends on a combination of efficient processes, employees, and equipment. Improving all these key areas require assessing the current practices in place and bringing adequate changes to the system, conducting frequent employee training, and maintaining the tools and inventory regularly.

The expert machine shops in Edmonton and all around the world suggest the following top five ways to increase productivity at your manufacturing facility:


Inspect the Existing Workflow

First things first, analyze all the necessary components that make up the entire workflow essential for its smooth operation. These constituents may include processes, people, technology, communication tools, procedures, and available resources being utilized across the organization.

First of all, let’s talk about people; do you have employees with the right skills, and are they being used in the right place? Are their objectives well-defined and achievable, safe? Does your company have a project manager who can keep the critical pathway on track and visible?

Second, do you map your processes regularly? Do you utilize value stream mapping to evaluate process improvements over time? Have you successfully figured out the bottlenecks and pain points present in your system?

Before you make any changes, its best to comprehend how everything operates first, only then you will be able to make adjustments to your existing workflow based on financial and safety reasons.



Improve Processes and Technology

After carefully reviewing the existing workflow, identify areas where technology and operations require some necessary improvements. Processes such as fabrication, electrical, machining, and other services that are in place for a long time may require overcoming specific problems because of the addition of a new tool or changing production methods.

Automation is a procedure that can be used to reduce errors and enhance efficiency. The latest software solutions can be utilized to help with inventory management, monitoring workflow, and scheduling. You can also improve product quality and speed with improvements in your equipment.



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Carry out Scheduled Maintenance

There’s a close link between the expenses associated with expensive downtimes and the time and budget invested into maintenance programs. While you can boost the productivity of your plant through new equipment, it also requires preventive measures to make sure it continues operating at its optimum level.

That’s why it’s imperative your workers know about troubleshooting costly system downtime by instantly finding out the root causes of problems.



Invest in Employee Training and Education

Educating and training staff members should be an ongoing process. In manufacturing industries, workers receive daily safety training on using different kinds of personal protective equipment PPEs and gears. Employees must also be well-trained on how to use newly installed machines to get the most value from them. Recently inducted personnel should also be appropriately educated on various processes to avoid a slowdown in production.



Organize the Workplace

Organization is a key to reduce the number of wasted staff-hours and the number of lost dollars. The key to boosting productivity in any work-setting is to ensure a well-organized workplace for everything that is involved in the process – machines, material, documentation, and more.

To maximize workplace efficiency, you can create an optimal layout of materials and tools for processing, decrease motion for optimum task efficiency, remove unused devices from the unit, and design the production floor to maximize productivity.

The methods mentioned above won’t bring favorable changes to your system overnight, as it takes time for careful implementation to improve workplace productivity and efficiency.




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