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How to Control the Productivity Of Employees While Working from Home?

Puneet Sharma



How to Control the Productivity Of Employees While Working from Home?

Employee productivity is a key strategic element for the functioning of the company. In fact, this is a factor that influences the use of your expenses so that you can achieve a higher income and greater customer satisfaction in general with your brand if your employees do things well and in less time.

Controlling employee productivity is something that is not only within reach of large companies. In fact, now that time control or recording of hours worked has been put in place, many companies are going to have to start measuring the productivity of workers.

In this post, we show you how you can control productivity in your company.


Importance of Controlling Employee Productivity

Checking that your employees are productive consists of verifying that what they do is in line with the objectives that you have set for yourself.

However, if you have not set yourself some goals or if those goals are not realistic, it is clear that you will not be able to have very effective control of the productivity of the employees. To increase productivity in the COVID pandemic, you need to see these best ideas to engage employees while working from home via reading online.

Controlling productivity helps combat presenteeism and absenteeism, as well as poorly developed work processes, which do not help you achieve your company’s goals. It is of great importance that in your business, you can carry out these control processes.

Contrary to popular belief, productivity control. It does not have to be about watching, chasing or harassing employees, constantly being on top of them, or creating a fear-ridden work environment. In fact, creating a template with a negative atmosphere does not benefit you in the long run, and it is not good for your business image.

Controlling how productive your employees are, however, will help you to optimize work processes better, even giving them the possibility of leaving before work, since it is not about working more, but about working better. And get more with less. Remember the Pareto law or 80/20 rule.


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Working Under Pressure and Stress can Affect the Productivity of Employees

Working Under Pressure and Stress can Affect the Productivity of Employees


What Do You Need to Control the Productivity of Your Employees?

Mainly, you need to focus on several aspects that you may not have been controlling well until now.

  • How many real hours do employees work in your business?
  • What are they doing during those hours and what processes do they follow

Generating a team environment, with strong leadership and good task planning, will help each person know what to do and when, in addition to the need to be accountable for what they are doing from time to time.

But in order to do this, you need to control and manage your business data. You need to have a scorecard where you can see the main performance indicators. For example, if you have an online store and you have set yourself a sales target per quarter as well as a series of smaller objectives such as increasing the purchased ticket or achieving a greater number of sales, you must be in a position to lead and manage the teams that deal with the tasks that will have a direct impact on these objectives.

Providing bonuses or bonuses to employees who achieve certain goals can also be a good formula to improve productivity, for example among the commercials of your business. What it is, after all, is not just controlling the number of hours worked, but their usefulness.


Manage Time Control and Productivity

With our online management software, you will be able to carry out both the time control, which has also been mandatory since last May 12 according to the regulations, and the monitoring of your main performance indicators through our scorecard.

Analyze how much you sell and when you sell it, in which branches of your company it sells the most, set goals and observe how your work processes influence the results, in order to analyze the productivity of your employees.

Above all, keep in mind that it is not all about productivity, but about having a good strategy. Implementing an unsuitable strategy in the shortest possible time and efficiently will not lead to success either.

Analyze the data in-depth and understand the value of the information that your own ERP software is providing you. It will help you in making decisions in your business.

At CuteHR we want to give you the opportunity to better control and manage the productivity of your employees so that you can achieve your goals. Sign up for our online management software and discover all the advantages of controlling all areas of your business in the cloud with our wide variety of modules.



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Puneet is an author in Human resources and an intelligent Search engine content marketer. He is specialized in reading and writing about human resource management and automating business management.

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