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The Psychology of Social Proofs: Know Before You Are Late



The Psychology of Social Proofs: Know Before You Are Late

Did you know that psychological effects on social proof play a crucial role in your marketing strategies?

Well, if you are reading this article, I guess the answer would be “No”, “Not exactly”. No issues, we are here to talk about that. There are certain ways where you can manipulate or influence your target audience psychologically using several social proofs.

Why there is a need for a Social Engagement?

Things have changed a lot from how they used to be in the previous century, to how they are now in the current situation. That was a time where things were quite slow, there was no global understanding at that time.

Things have changed in the 21st Century

In the 21st century, from the very early stage, we have been observing a high transformation from the word

  • “local” to “global”
  • “traditional” to “digital”
  • “physical” to “online”
  • “personal/individual” to “social”

and the list goes on. In the olden days, if you had a good product or services, you could have thought of becoming popular very easily and could have generated a good amount of revenue at almost no effort involved.

A High Competition is a Reason

Nowadays, the competition is so high that only through good services, you cannot expect the desired result. You also need to promote yourself nicely. What can be a better option than social awareness?

What Can be a Better Option than Social Awareness?

If you ask today’s expert business development guys, surely tell you that a well planned social marketing strategy can give you the best results, more when we are talking about the online platforms.

Now, there are several ways that influence your social media marketing strategy. The main part is creating social proofs.

So, you might be thinking now that, till now you heard about social media, social media marketing, now there’s something called social proof.

What Do You Mean by Social Proofs?

Social proofs are the social connections that are linked with your blogs or websites adding more value to your content, domain, and pages. Your organization becomes more reliable to people if some known person or known brand gets linked to your website. It is similar to the mouth publicity concept you must have heard earlier, the more people refer to your business, it becomes more popular and more reliable to others. Sounds interesting, right? If the answer is YES, you will surely want to know about the ways to create more link building with influential people and brands that have a good number of followers on social networking sites.

How Psychology of Social Proofs Changes the Game?

It’s quite obvious that somebody follows somebody, and that somebody who is being followed endorses somebody or some brand, then the follower will most likely follow the person or the brand that has been endorsed. This is known as the power of influence. So you can find out that it is better to get connected with the people or brands who have more followers or more traffic to their websites on a regular basis to gain more business.

What Are the Ways For Utilizing the Social Proofs in Marketing?

There are several ways you can implement social proof in SEO and digital marketing. Some of them are mentioned below.

Customer Reviews

This is the most important social proof of a company that influences the traffic to buy your products. I know, there is a trend going on buying fake reviews which can boost up your business at a very fast pace. But it is recommended not to fall for it, as initially, it might give you a good increase in overall sales, but in the long run, it will have a negative impact as they are not real. The search engine bots are very intelligent, they will find out that the fake reviews you have but do not have a real existence. Once they identify, they will surely delete all of them and will not prefer to crawl your website in the future. So, ultimately you will be the loser from both sides, you will lose all those reviews you have paid for. On top of that, you will get a negative search result which will be very much harmful to your business. So, it is advised not to take those easy but wrong steps and be the spoiler, instead if it takes a little more time also, no issues, stick to honesty, you will definitely get far better results through the genuine and relevant customer reviews.

Customer Ratings, Subscriptions

If your products or services have very good ratings and the blogs you write, or your video channel has a good number of subscribers, it will definitely influence the overall growth of your business. Similar to the above point, here also please do not go for the easy but the wrong ways to gain the ratings and subscriptions, instead stick to honesty to achieve the best results.

Followers, Likes

When your social media page, groups, or the video channel has a number of likes and followers, you will definitely gain a very high chance of showcasing your products to many people on a regular basis. You need to integrate the social media tags and icons within your website. Then if you have good quality content written, people will want to share those with their friends. This way, you will reach more customers without doing the marketing yourself, your customers will only do it for you!

Forum Acquisition

It is very important to mark your foot on the online forums like quora where millions of people visit and ask questions in order to get a positive reply to their questions. Now, to be connected with people and promote your products or services, it will be a great step if you answer to those questions( obviously, whichever answers you know) very honestly to gain the trust of millions of people just instantly. Now, to get the best results, you need to focus on the particular niche you are in and to increase business, you should answer only to those questions which are related to your domain. Ultimately, when you gain enough trust you will become an influencer and can drive the crowd towards your products and services.


Nowadays, social influencers play a very positive role in converting leads to sales. Many organizations hire these influencers (who have huge social networking and rapport with their followers,etc.) and get huge conversion through their abilities. Companies even hire freshers and train them towards making them an influencer and finally generate sales through them. The influencers have the power to produce Psychology of Social Proofs which actually drives the crowd towards the endorsed brand. The influencers themselves are popular brands. Nowadays, even if you can have a very successful career if you can become an influencer and endorse brands of your choice. So marketing has become very easy nowadays for those who can do it and at least try for it using various latest techniques.

Directories and Newsletters

Directories are truly helping the online marketing strategy for years. It is unknowingly getting quite neglected by many. But using the directory submission techniques, you can very easily promote your website/ blog to many people and this has been one of the major social proofs for years. You can submit links of your website, can link the articles and get good traffic. The process will also help in increasing the DA, PA of your website/blog, overall increasing the social engagement.

Online Polls

Create an online poll on any topic to understand the market first. Also, keep track and follow other polls happening in and around. Now, collect the data from all those polls, create a separate database of the users of similar qualities and most likely to become your future potential customer. Then you can finally promote your services and products to them and keep increasing the database gradually. Remember, you will get more business with time when you have a huge database of potential customers.

Comments and Testimonials

Things become easier when you have wonderful testimonials by the previous and existing customers. So, maintain a good relationship with the previous and existing customers and ask them for feedback. Negative feedback will help you to understand what the customers expect out of your products and services while the positive feedback becomes the testimonial which influences the future customers towards your offerings. They gain a huge trust in your products and services before you could tell anything to them.

Social Media Posters, Infographics

The social media posters and infographics can draw a lot of attractions to the people and drive them towards your services and products. If you can make those it will be great. Else you can hire professionals who are the experts in making social media posters and infographics. A nice infographic is extremely helpful for people who are looking to understand the entire topic very quickly within a glance. There are a number of directories available where you can submit the infographics. They will only promote them while you also keep sharing them on social media platforms like Facebook, Reddit, etc. These very attractive infographics will have a link to your website/blog and you get the desired result. For more information contact our SEO Consultants.

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