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Pure Nature Essential Oils from Anatolian Treasures



Pure Nature Essential Oils from Anatolian Treasures

Whether you’re practicing aromatherapy, investing in natural air freshener options, or seeking new essential oils to use in massages, there are two things that matter most to your search. First and foremost, you want to know what kind of oils you are getting – what do they smell like, what properties might they have, and what precautions may be necessary when coming into contact with them. Secondly, you need to know the quality and composition of the oils you’re buying. No one wants watered-down products, but more companies than you’d think to sell adulterated essential oils that have been mixed with other elements to maximize marketability. This may work well for the manufacturer, but if you’re buying oils with the intent to use them, you want Pure Nature Essential Oils from a trustworthy company like Anatolian Treasures™.

Many oils mix well together, with various scents and properties that combine to create wonderful medleys, but everyone has a different preference for how they combine them if they combine them at all. Anatolian Treasures™ understands this, which is why they sell their oils individually instead of adding the most popular oils into less commonly ordered oils to make them more palatable. If you’re looking for a specific oil to use in aromatherapy or a massage, a premixed blend can hinder your process and secretly watered down products won’t be as effective as pure natural essential oils. Thankfully, all Anatolian Treasurers™ oils are tested before they’re put up for sale to ensure purity and quality. Using Gas Chromatography to analyze the chemical composition of each essential oil, their GC analyst compares this data to the expected and acceptable chemical footprint of the oil in question in order to confirm it is pure and of high quality. Any oil that fails the test is not sold, and customers can request free copies of any oil’s GC test results whenever they like.




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Anatolian Treasures™, also known as Appalachian Valley Natural Products (AVNP or AVAT), work hard not only to ensure the purity of their oils but also to ensure their customers have a wide selection of oils available to them. At AVNP, you can find just about any oil you can imagine, from purely aromatic ones such as Coffee Oil to the sorts that are frequently used in home remedies like their Chamomile German, (Blue). Every essential oil’s page features a lengthy list of information about its origins and the common uses of the oil. For example, the Chamomile German, (Blue) oil available on their site is taken from the flowers of the plant and commonly used in the treatment of soreness caused by breastfeeding. The oil’s page lists its properties such as its anti-inflammatory nature and includes instructions on how to safely apply the oil to the skin.


If you’re seeking aromatic oils, AVNP carries highly sought after scented oils such as Lavender French HA and Rose Otto 2017, as well as less mainstream oils like Coriander Russia and Eucalyptus Lemon. If you’re ever curious about an unfamiliar oil and whether or not you’d enjoy its scent, Anatolian Treasures™ offers up to three free samples of their pure natural essential oils per order, and additional samples beyond that are typically only 75 cents each. Plus, all domestic orders within the United States that total $35 or more come with free shipping!


Essential oils aren’t the only products available from Anatolian Treasures™. On the AVNP website, you can find carrier oils, waxes, butter, body washes, lotions, and many, many more health and beauty products and supplies. So whether you’re planning a self-pampering day or stocking up on supplies for your spa, AVNP is sure to have the high-quality products you’re searching for.




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