Rakeyia Collins: Founder of Commit to Present (C2P)
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Rakeyia Collins: Founder of Commit to Present (C2P)

Please state your name and a little about your current status.

Rakeyia Collins, Founder of Commit to Present (C2P)


What exactly does your company do?

Commit to Present (C2P) is a website that wants people to upload five-minute video speeches. These speeches will be reviewed by other speakers and members of our community. They will provide feedback on your word choice, body language, and overall presentation.


How did you start your company/business as a startup?

I started my company a few months ago after spending a year in Corporate America. I decided to start C2P after realizing that in Corporate America people will promote you, include you, and all-round be friendlier to you if you know how to speak with a level of authority and confidence that others do not possess. Since speaking to other individuals or groups is a life skill as the world becomes more and more digital it is imperative to ensure we do not lose this skill.


What struggle did you go through to reach your current status now?

One of the main things I struggled with was getting noticed by my specific niche. Targeting people that are actively trying to better themselves and work on public speaking is not as easy as I first figured. I was able to find a few influencers and other resources that have been instrumental in getting the word out about C2P.


How did you manage to cope up with those straggles?

The one thing that I have had to remember throughout this entire journey is that on a long enough timeline I will win. I may look crazy for a few weeks or months, but overtime C2P will be successful. Simply because of the change the company is trying to bring out.


Who inspired you to move forward and influenced you in all your achievements now?

Other millennials and young people entering the workplace inspired me to continue going after C2P in those hard moments. When you have a company that is trying to bring about change in the world it ceases being you and it’s more about others.


What piece of advice will you share with those who would like to follow your footsteps?

I would say several things, but probably the most important thing would be to never make a permanent decision from a temporary place. Setbacks and failures are temporary but don’t make the permanent decision to stop working on your company. Even if you get 1,000 no’s. One yes can change the course of your life.


How can people follow your journey? Please list your social media URLs

You can follow C2P on IG/FB: @committopresent


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