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Reco Jefferson: The Ecom mentor for YOU



Reco Jefferson, The Ecom mentor for YOU

When most people think that when you land in some careers, you wait until you retire in the 50s or 60s, the story is different for Reco Jefferson. He started with being an active Air Force veteran then he did a complete turnaround when he began his ecommerce business. This was after being discharged honorably from duty and working for various multi-million-dollar companies. He agrees that being employed cannot be compared with owning your own business.

Reco Jefferson has proven to sail despite the tides being so high. He became so successful despite being a single parent. In return, he has given out to the society by teaching and mentoring more than 700 students that want to succeed in dropshipping on Amazon & is constantly dropping high-level content on his Instagram.


Being Exceptionally Good At What You Do

One thing that Reco recalls and mentions as a crucial player in making him sail amidst high tides is working personally. He reaffirms that anything he is teaching on his course is a first-hand experience. He says that he is happy to teach what works to his clients to maintain the relationship and trust towards him. Unlike most guys that teach something, they have copied, and they do not know whether it works or not.


Flying High Above the Challenges

One thing that kept Reco moving is his family. ‘I am a single dad,’ Reco says, ‘So, making time for my kids, my career, and my business has been difficult,’ He adds. He remembers how he saw his mother working so hard to make ends meet when he was young. He recalls how she worked on 2 or 3 jobs but still ended up being broke at the end of the month.

That made Reco know that there is a difference between working hard and working smart. Reco’s mum is an example of someone working hard but still being broke. He always knew that that was not the kind of life he wanted for his family.


Warding Off Stress

Stress is something we all face. It can be caused by a variety of reasons; a job interview, a speech, or maybe something as simple as hanging out with friends.

As an entrepreneur, Reco admits that he often faces stressful situations. When you’re undergoing a stressful situation, Reco suggests that you literally take a breather and remember that things don’t have to be done immediately. Taking a step back will give you more time to think about ways to help bring you out from whatever stressful situation you’re facing.


Drawing Inspiration 

What keeps you motivated? You know, that thing you look up to in times of struggle. For some of us, it might be a mentor; for others, it might be the reward we get at the end.

To Reco, motivation comes from knowing that he has thousands of people that see him online and hundreds of people in real life that are rooting for him to succeed. 

“I don’t want to let anyone down, so I work harder every single day.”- Reco shares.


Positive Energies

Most people would have been affected negatively by the situation that Reco was during his childhood. However, even inside mum’s brokenness, Reco decided to be the game-changer. Having little support from his mum, he used the education funds to get into the business.

On the work-life balance, the mum had no enough time for doing motherly things due to the tight working schedules. The story is different for Reco. He has automated most of his duties to ensure that he spends time with his kids doing fatherly things.



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