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“Having a mentor can set you up for success”- Top Growth Tips from Marketing Icon Reece Larkin for young entrepreneurs



“Having a mentor can set you up for success”- Top Growth Tips from Marketing Icon Reece Larkin for young entrepreneurs

Growing and scaling a business is an increasingly difficult subject to address. Many start-ups fail within their first three years, but Reece Larkin is one business owner who is not leaving the scene anytime soon. He runs Blackcorn, a marketing agency for brands that want to be seen and heard. Blackcorn combines the power of social media and PR to create and drive innovative campaigns for its clients. Through Blackcorn and Reece’s other ventures, he has sold to clients from almost every country in the world and regularly records 7-figure yearly income.

Getting to this peak by the young age of 24 did not come easy. Here are Reece’s top formulas and tips for rapid growth as a young entrepreneur.


Holding Yourself Accountable

Back in 2014, Reece was still a student attending university. He came across Fiverr and decided to open his first business as a freelancer on the network. However, Reece did not have any skills in marketing at the time, but he put up a set of SEO gigs. Afterward, he set out to develop himself, taking advantage of the internet to learn as much as he could. He read countless blog articles and watched hours of video content on SEO. By utilizing the information available for free on the internet, he rapidly developed his skill set as an SEO specialist. Sure enough, his earnings on Fiverr scaled quickly due to his discipline and devotion. He was able to grow into one of Fiverr’s top sellers in only a few years.

His quick success on the platform was possible because he did not pause to doubt what he knew or did not know. Success does not come when you second guess yourself or make excuses about not having enough resources. Being accountable as a business owner is the first step to growing fast.


Building Relationships

Reece was scaling very quickly as a freelancer on Fiverr, but he still had obligations to fulfill at school. He finally made the decision to quit when he came to the realization that being in university was holding him back. Before he quit university, he worked briefly as an intern at SpellBrand, a leading branding agency in London. At SpellBrand, he built a relationship with Mash Bonigala, the agency’s managing director.

Reece recalls that he learnt important points about running a successful business and working with high-paying clients from Mash. These lessons followed him in his life after quitting school, and many of those points are an important part of his business even today. Identifying mentors and learning from them is a key strategy in creating a business that will last.


Using Social Media

A core part of Blackcorn’s business model today is helping brand owners use Instagram to draw traffic to their business. However, when Reece first got started on the platform, he says, he himself had no idea how to use it. 

He did not start taking full advantage of the social media site until he came across several accounts that had more than 100,000 followers. By studying their strategy and content, Reece was able to identify the formula behind the growth of these mega accounts. Soon, he had created his own unique growth strategy and was able to expand the reach of his brand. Today, he has more than 30,000 active followers and helps other businesses reach wider audiences organically.

Social media has a powerful influence in today’s market and for business owners, it is a core component of a successful marketing strategy. Reece’s advice for brands trying to win with social media is simple;

“You need to identify your goals, provide your audience with value, and connect with them. Most importantly, be consistent.”

You can connect with Reece on Instagram; @reece_larkin



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