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Relaxing and Productive Workspaces for Better Performance



Relaxing and Productive Workspaces for Better Performance

Productivity is one of the essential factors that affect the level of success of any business. After all, your employees are the ones who are making it all work. So, provide them with the best possible working conditions to improve their productivity and performance. For starters, focus on the working environment and include every single detail because everything counts.


Identify Your Company Culture

Your office isn’t the technology and the furniture you use to equip it; it’s the company culture that will mostly affect the overall environment. It won’t matter how good the office layout is if you haven’t dedicated time to clarify your company’s values and goals. You need to define the vision to your employees and let them know what exactly the values you’re following are.

By doing that, you are setting clear expectations from your employees. It affects their behavior and attitude towards the company and their job. To be efficient, one has to have a clear mindset and communication with colleagues and superiors. If company culture rewards effort and hard work, that’s a path to better performance.


Comfort at All Times

Most employees in many companies are in a sedentary position during their working hours. This is why correct ergonomics are highly important – they will lessen the feeling of fatigue and soothe potential musculoskeletal issues, heightening productivity as a result.

Having this in mind, comfort can be achieved in several ways. First of all, make sure your employees have several areas available for work. That way, they will move more and they can choose when they can stand and when they can sit. This also means you should create ergonomically designed working areas for different working positions – standing desks as opposed to regular sitting desks. Besides working areas, provide breakout zones for your employees, as well as creative spaces where they can brainstorm ideas and informal meeting rooms for casual exchange of information and suggestions.

By clear division of different areas, you will improve the level of comfort of your employees. Enable them to visit different work areas and you’ll notice a change in their productivity levels.


Relaxing and Productive Workspaces for Better Performance


Efficient Office Layout

Having different work areas means creating a well-thought office layout. It includes having both shared spaces or an open office space and meeting spaces where people can have privacy to focus on sensitive work.

The appropriate design of the office largely depends on the type of business you’re running, too. In case you are looking for the right office fit-out solutions, you should bear in mind the specific requirements of your line of work. For example, is an open office space the best option if your employees need peace to do their job effectively due to its sensitive nature? Although this type of space enables quality employee interaction, it’s also quite noisy and full of visual distractions. Make sure you are aware of all the pros and cons before you choose a specific office layout.


Breathe Deeply, Work Better

The quality of indoor air has a significant impact on your employees’ health, which consequently affects their productivity. One research even showed an increase in productivity by 11% when employees were getting fresh air free of pollutants.

So, the first step would be to introduce a non-smoking policy inside the office and green cleaning protocols that would allow for cleaner air. Install air filtration systems inside every office and add plants known to effectively filter the air from various pollutants. Don’t allow the air inside the office to become too dry. Instead, open the windows frequently and maintain optimum humidity levels.


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Energy through Food

If you want your employees to be productive and energized, then enable them to have access to nutritive food and drinks. They need to maintain a balanced diet while at work. After all, they spend a third of their day in the office.

There are several ways to encourage healthy eating habits inside the office. First of all, fill the office with fresh fruit and vegetables while also limiting processed food. Provide eating spaces where employees can focus on mindful eating – enjoying the food without distractions. Make sure all food is labeled for any potential allergens and hand-washing facilities are close by. Promote useful nutrition information in the eating space to encourage employees to have a balanced diet at home, too.


Welcome Personal Items

Every employee should feel connected to people and things important to them while at work. Putting a photo of two of their loved ones on the desk creates a cozy personal space where they feel comfortable and at ease. However, make sure that your employees’ desks don’t become cluttered with personal things. After all, a clutter-free space is a productive space.

Personalizing working space also includes adding personal details that inspire and motivate an individual. Some employees like to hang motivational posters or place a plant next to the monitor to help them boost their productivity. Allow them the freedom to do that, as long as it doesn’t distract others.


Relaxing and Productive Workspaces for Better Performance


In Conclusion

Of course, every employee is an individual, so maybe some of your decisions regarding the workspace won’t suit them all. It takes time to optimize the space so that it works for everybody. Allow yourself and others to be flexible and you’ll find the right formula in time.



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