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Richard Wang, CEO of Passfeed



Richard Wang, CEO of Passfeed

Please state your name and a little about your current status.

My name is Richard Wang, CEO of Passfeed. I oversee our China and New York City teams, helping both teams grow every day while expanding our app.


What exactly does your company do?

Passfeed is a robust, social shopping app. When customers shop on Passfeed, they get a unique shopping experience where they can use our built-in Digital Wallet to pay for any of the 1.5 million items available for purchase.


How did you start your company/business as a startup?

I wanted to capitalize on most consumers’ frustration with the current banking and credit card fee environment. The dream was simple: people should be able to shop and share deals and savings without having to pay third-party service providers a chunk of their hard-earned money. This set of ideals laid the groundwork for what soon became one of the fastest-growing Apps on iTunes.


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What struggle did you go through to reach your current status now?

I’ve spent tireless hours refining our shopping app, going through the growing pains of expanding into the US market from China, and learning that promoting in the States has many more restrictions than overseas. Traveling back and forth between my New York and China team is also a challenge since there is a 12-hour time zone difference between China and the US. Let’s just say whenever sleep is available, I take full advantage.


How did you manage to cope up with those struggles?

I take things one day at a time and try to always remember that success doesn’t happen overnight.


Who inspired you to move forward and influenced you in all your achievements now?

My family’s unwavering support to become an entrepreneur was my biggest motivation to keep going through difficult times.


What piece of advice will you share with those who would like to follow your footsteps?

Persevere. Startup mentality is all about trial and error and when in doubt, piggyback off of what other successful companies have done and built upon it. Also, we like to say “Never Be Boring” – a mantra that goes into every item we place on our app and everything we do as a company.


How can people follow your journey? Please list your social media URLs



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